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    Buying New house in Toronto (price decline trend)

    You need to buy without expecting huge gains. If you get them great but nobody can estimate what will happen in the future.
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    Canada study visa rejected twice HELP

    Where are your other siblings? If they are in Canada or other countries it doesn’t show a plan of returning to Canada. It is not worth it to spend money on most college courses out of secondary school. What course have you applied to? It would be much better to attend bachelors in your home...
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    Could you guys please advise me on the best time to change my DLI

    If you have no intention of remaining at the university and you aren’t in Canada why would you pay for a semester for a program you won’t be finishing.
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    Regarding income support and citizenship

    As a newcomer you are expected to use your settlement funds before seeking welfare. You would have had to declare your settlement funds If you applied for welfare after landing,
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    CBSA Vancouver / YVR airport

    Was it not done properly when you recently entered by air? It not, no.
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    Am I eligible for Canadian PR?

    Nobody can guarantee that you’ll be able to get selected for AIPP.
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    Query Regarding Express Entry-a Relative staying in Canada

    It would really be a very bad idea to risk misrepresentation if you know your sibling is not living in Canada. Lying to IRCC is a bad idea.
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    Pathway to permanent residency recognizes exceptional service of asylum claimants on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

    Think the issue will be for those who transferred from initial asylum claim or RAD to this special program. It’s unclear how they will be classified.
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    TDSB Elementary School Enrollment

    Thank is usually not considered full-time hours which is why you are running into problems. Has been a while but believe it was over 15 hours a week minimum to be considered full-time. Very strange that they are available to offer a full-time course to international students with minimal hours.
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Going on disability would not be possible if you have that amount of funds. That would also be misleading if you said you would be able to support yourselves without government help and were in Canada purely to care for your disabled child. If IRCC realized that it would lead to everyone on...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Your approval was more than likely based on you being a career to your disabled son while not needing social assistance from the government and being able to support your family. Otherwise it would only add to the expenses so approval would be very difficult. Based on your post it seems as...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Expenses occurred while they were visitors so healthcare was not covered.
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    Pathway to permanent residency recognizes exceptional service of asylum claimants on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

    It’s unclear how this special program will be classified since it is new. If it still falls under protected people you can’t use your home country passport of travel to your home country until you receive citizenship.
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    Pretty unusual to not get a letter by now if they had been told they were accepted. Agree that they should call IRB.
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    Business activity during winter

    The winters in Southern Ontario aren’t really considered harsh. There is minimal hiring except seasonal work from the end of November to beginning of January but that is due to holidays. People just wear more clothing.Covid has slowed hiring in many sectors.
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    TDSB Elementary School Enrollment

    That must mean close to 13 hours per week. Is that correct?
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    Medical Exam - Cancer patient India (Please Help !!)

    She must declare her ongoing cancer treatment during the medical. Would add that it is probably not advisable for her to travel given covid so soon after treatment ending due to the higher risk of contracting covid and getting seriously ill. She may also have a very big problem getting health...
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    Looking for a small apartment in Regina, SK

    This was an apartment conversion. Yes I’ve been to both cities. There is very minimal condo stock compared to different forms of houses and apartments.
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    North York or Mississauga

    Most of Canada is relatively quiet. Without knowing where you’re going to work it’s tough to pick a location. Would suggest looking for work ahead of time of you could be easily looking at 2+ hour commute each way if you live in some areas and work in another.
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    Refegee Student in Dadaab Refugees Camp

    There are a few schools that offer spots for refugee students. You will need to research all the colleges and universities in Canada to see what schools. Expect that it will be extremely competitive to get a spot.