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  1. DelPiero07

    Applying for work visa while waiting for Permanent Resident Visa

    Well yes, if your work permit is about to expire (validity of 4 months or less) you can apply for a bridge open work permit.
  2. DelPiero07

    CEC Points Eligibility for Job Offer

    That doesn't answer my question. I need to know exactly what kind of work permit you have to answer your question.
  3. DelPiero07

    CEC Points Eligibility for Job Offer

    What kind of work permit are you currently holding?
  4. DelPiero07

    CEC job offer without LMIA

    This is basically the definition of misrepresentation.
  5. DelPiero07

    Bringing Money in Canada

    The latter is fine, simply bring bank statements in case they ask for POF when landing.
  6. DelPiero07

    Invitation not received, CRS met

    Have you waited 24hrs?
  7. DelPiero07

    Profile will expire in 2 days

    You're safe. Your profile wont expire unless you decide to decline your ITA
  8. DelPiero07

    Sibling proof for PR in Canada

    No. Claiming those points would be misrepresentation, do so at your own risk.
  9. DelPiero07

    Foreign work experience On cash

    You have to be careful, others in your position have received a procedural fairness letter regarding not disclosing their work experience in previous applications, one of which was charged for misrepresentation. If you are going to claim this work experience do make sure you have the proper...
  10. DelPiero07

    Sibling proof for PR in Canada

    Your sibling must reside in Canada for you to claim those points.
  11. DelPiero07

    CRS increased after ITA due to 1 year Spouse Canadian experience

    1 - No. 2 - Your spouse's foreign work experience is irrelevant, include only the Canadian work experience in the work history section and provide documentation to proof that work experience only.
  12. DelPiero07

    Is Job offer from Montreal valid for FSW - LMIA points ?

    Eligibility criteria: "Where you can live in Canada You must plan to live outside the province of Quebec. The province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers. If you plan on living in Quebec, see Quebec-selected skilled workers for more information."...
  13. DelPiero07

    Ray of hope 122th draw

    "Do I need to provide a police certificate with my application for permanent residence? No"
  14. DelPiero07

    Ray of hope 122th draw

    Canada is the exception to that rule, you are not required to provide a Canadian PCC.
  15. DelPiero07

    Ray of hope 122th draw

    You are aware you are not required to provide a Canadian PCC, right?
  16. DelPiero07

    International Quebec student trying for Express Entry

    If you fail to convince them your application will be cancelled, you can re-apply at a later date. I do not know your situation nor why you intend to apply through EE while studying in Quebec so I cannot comment further.