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    Bridging Open-work permit without LMIA

    No LMIA is needed. You cannot choose you have LMIA if you don't have it. Invitation is not enough, you need to submit your documents and then apply for BOWP.
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    A coworker is threatening to derail my EE application

    I wonder if CIC would investigate this case on their own since there's a Senior Manager and a Manager for a restaurant. It seems obvious that the Senior Manager is the actual manager, and there's another manager on paper.
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    I have applied to a IRCC processing agent position. If they take, I will process your applications :D:oops: jk
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    When an agent says eligibility met does it mean passed or recommended passed

    Basically what it says is not important. The important part is who made the note. There should be 3 notes, assistant, agent or analyst, officer, in this order.
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    PLEASE HELP!!! Should I withdraw my app???

    Didn't you say you already did it?
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    PLEASE HELP!!! Should I withdraw my app???

    Don't worry, you should be fine.
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    And you guys want to move to this country? LOL
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    Hey you are back, LOL.
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    My Landing Experience - Feb 2019

    There is a service Canada downtown Vancouver. You can not apply for a SIN for anyone else. You can get it another day for sure.
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    CRS score at 457

    Are you guys losing points because of birthday?
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    Vancouver Office Experience

    Yes, that's the backlog.
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    Vancouver Office Experience

    No. If they say Vancouver, it's Vancouver. No walk-in hours either.
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    Ray of Hope - 123rd Draw

    Hmm, actually, they are being extremely predictable, no? Just 1 point difference. It's not going up or down wildly.
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    Processing at Winnipeg IRCC

    Not always, sometimes it takes awhile to come even after the approval.
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    Got my PR card, it's so shiny... myyyy precioussss :D
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    Most of the time, it seems they just resolve it during the review. Mine had quite a few stuff under review required, but got approved before I even got the notes.
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    So whatever happened to @SithLord ???!
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    Inland Landing Interview from Vancouver Office: waiting time

    1 week. Still no news of PR card.
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    False IP2 ?

    So called IP2 used to happen if your status for background changes from "not started" to "in process". It used to tell that your application has gone through everything and now is in security check. After that, it used to be PPR. Now, for many reasons (biometrics, being inland, or officer's...
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    Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

    This whole thread will create more confusion than answering questions. It should have explained like @legalfalcon : AoR Medical Eligibility Security with more details for each, instead of all these IP1, IP2 etc. Just not useful.