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  1. fkl

    Reasons for Rejection

    1. I believe so yes. 2. Not really needed if my assumption is correct (see below) 3. You can wait until 6 months if #2 doesn't work. Your description is confusing. It does not matter if you have moved from US or any where as long as you had enough of your own funds some where that can be...
  2. fkl

    Reasons for Rejection

    If you re-read my answer, i mentioned i landed on a border in Quebec / NY and it was the least recommended option. Specifically its name is St-Bernard-de-Lacolle: Highway 15
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    Can I apply for work-permit and submit my PR application in parallel?

    My apologies, i am not accessing the forum as frequently as i used to in the past. 1. You only receive a UCI once CIC has received an application of some sort and have created a case file for that. Creating an express entry profile alone does not result in that, unless you have previously...
  4. fkl

    Can I apply for work-permit and submit my PR application in parallel?

    Having a PR in process has no bearing on an ICT visa application.
  5. fkl

    can PR father apply for kids citiezen after he become one ?!

    Just reiterating that this is true i.e. for instance if a parent applies from outside of Canada for a work permit based on a job offer, their kids under the age of 6, get temp resident visas (with visitor record). The only two docs required by schools are a) kids trv and b) parent's work permit...
  6. fkl

    Physical Presence Calculator

    Start from the start date of your eligibility period. 2011 is too far back. They are not explicitly asking for where you were BEFORE the eligibility period, so stick to that. Your eligibility if you are filling now roughly is from Oct 2013-2018, So start from that where ever you were at that...
  7. fkl

    How to prove Work Experience in Family owned company?

    I don't know the answer to that. It would be some thing shady for sure. Salary received in cash has no record / no evidence of being salary legally. May be you could try with the employer giving some formal documentation explaining that. Though i would say in general 'not having these things'...
  8. fkl

    Autism treatment

    As of yesterday CIC has effectively removed the medical inadmissibility clause for the majority of the cases. They haven't exactly repealed it but the limit threshold is tripled (i.e. CIC would refuse some one who would need more than 6k CAD per annum for their medical needs in a year. This...
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    Applying for Permanent Residence with bipolar.

    As of yesterday, CIC has announced changes to medical inadmissibility. They have pretty much tripled the limit to apply the excessive demand clause. So unless CIC believes the annual cost of taking care of somebody's health issues is around or more than 20k per annum, you are good to get a PR...
  10. fkl

    Do I need additional private insurace with RAMQ?

    Its a bit old but still answering in case its useful. You left some detail out about the detail of your friend's PR landing. Since he got PR via express entry (i assume it was non Quebec, Federal program which means he showed intent to live outside of Quebec). If his circumstances have changed...
  11. fkl

    "You are entitled to claim the disability tax credit"

    To be clear, if you had filed regular taxes in 2016 and paid taxes on X income and lets call the amount you paid in taxes as Y. Now since you got disability tax approved for 2016 onwards, you can file for tax adjustment for the year 2016. They would deduct the disability credit from your...
  12. fkl


    The core thing here is that being spouse of a Canadian citizen your spouse is entitled to spousal sponsorship for PR which is the right way for her to go to Canada. If she applies for a visitor visa, having a Canadian spouse is kinda treated negatively since they perceive she would go to Canada...
  13. fkl

    Mandatory certification of Software Engineers, SINP (Saskatchewan) EE ?

    I have almost no specific knowledge of SINP process so i can't comment on that. But in general the WES evaluation should be enough.
  14. fkl

    Can we apply for Student visa & EE at the same time? Please help. Confused

    No it will not affect your profile either way, whether you apply for student or worker status or if you were a student and applied for PR via express entry
  15. fkl

    Got ITA, LMIA Expired, Need Advise on few things

    So you haven't applied for PR using that LMIA nor have you applied for a work permit. Yes? If that is correct then nothing can be done. The same LMIA can no longer be used for any thing. You should have either filed a PR application or a work permit application based upon that before its expiry
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    Online Application for Work Permit

    Work permit type of "Other" is effectively closed work permit. There is no separate type. When it asks for employer information and location, that clarifies that it is indeed closed work permit application by default
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    Reasons for Rejection

    +1 in general and i have the same perception. Slight alteration (merely seeing many many gcms notes), i believe A11.2 evaluation is done much latter. Some times between 2-3 month time frame. Moreover, it is initially done by a junior officer (case analyst etc.). Often if they have grounds for...
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    You are most welcome. So almost certainly (hopefully) those would be in and processed along with the rest of app. And you shouldn't have to worry about this