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    Restoration with visitor visa response

    Yes, mine was approved however its only for few months.
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    Reasons for Rejection

    Thanks a lot! yes I have already ordered my GCMS notes just havent received them yet
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    Reasons for Rejection

    Hello Everyone, I put my bachelors degree in my education history and submitted the degree certificate/transcripts since they asked me to do so however I do not have accreditation for it (confirmed that while adding that information in to my profile) and the points allocated to me were based on...
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    IMM5707E form

    Hi Shurli, I got a request as well for the same form today. Whats your timeline?
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    AOR in February 2016 EE Connect Here

    has anyone here been asked to submit family information form(IMM5707) at somepoint in their application?
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    AOR in February 2016 EE Connect Here

    exactly the same timeline as yours FSW Inland AOR Feb 12 File transferred to NDVO BGC still not needed