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  1. shadh

    What to do after Landing (Validating my COPR)

    Hello, My application for Permanent Residence via Ontario PNP Program has finally been completed and I have gotten my COPR. I am currently waiting to go to the Ottawa office on Jan31st to validate it and complete "landing". My question was regarding updating the rest of the documents after that...
  2. shadh

    Sharing my inland landing experience in Ottawa office

    Has anyone been there recently who can confirm it still is as awesome as Fanycheng describes? My experience on this part has been bitter at best. I got my COPR, and according the CIC website, the way to do inland landing or validating the PR is to get an appointment via a webform...
  3. shadh

    Applying for a VISA extension while moving from Student to Worker Status

    Hi, So, I was in canada under a study permit and after finishing my post grad studies, I got a Post Grad Work Permit for 3 years which has allowed me to stay here longer. However, this will require me to extend my visa which was for a limited time under the student status. I go through CIC...
  4. shadh

    extending visa

    I have just received my post grad work permit. Since my visa was for 2 years with the study permit, I need to extend it. But while I go through CIC online, it ends up giving me "application for visitor/temporary resident visa" (IMM 5257E), shouldn't I be getting IMM5708E, aka "application to...
  5. shadh

    Getting a New Passport while study permit is valid

    1. When you "re-issue" a passport, the old visa and everything regarding doesnt become invalid. It is pretty simple ; the old visa was issued to you bearing your old passport, say, "A" , now if you re-issue one , it'll have a different number , lets say "B" , but since "B" would still have the...
  6. shadh

    Getting a New Passport while study permit is valid

    My current status is student authorization (study permit). It expires at 31st august 2014. I have finished my degree (havent recieved the grades yet but i'm certain i didnt fail) and in order to get a 3 years PGWP, I need 3 years validity on passport, which I don't have so my high commission...
  7. shadh


    There's a couple of confusions I'm facing while filling out the IMM 5710 , I'm just going to lay them out as points 1. The document number : isn't it the bold black number that starts with a letter , at the study authorization/permit page that was stapled in my passport upon entry? 2. I ticked...
  8. shadh

    [Off Campus Work Permit]

  9. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    CHC singapore has YET not released some passports of some friends of mine who applied 1/2 weeks before me .... what can i suggest them? cancelling tickets?transferring admission? any ideas why is this happening?
  10. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    guys, a lot of students seem to be stuck at the "passport received at CHC singapore" after medical call ..... people before and after them have gotten their VISA (me included) and they are nearing a critical date , later than that, they'll have to cancel their plane tickets .... what could be...
  11. shadh

    Any differernce b/w Idp and Brit council ielts tests..??

    bro, there is a *very slight difference* depending on your target. IDP/AEO IELTS tests are held without being restrict on some levels (for example, the task achievement,cohesion, and the lexical resources criteria and specially the evaluation in the speaking part), this is now moderately known ...
  12. shadh

    University of Ottawa 2012 fall

    Going to ottawa this fall under the M.eng program in ECE. The fees are variable ; it ranges from 6300-5800, but summer is going to be blank since uottawa doesnt offer courses in summer for m.eng. But don't worry, you guys won't have to pay for the semester you aren't enrolled in. Since ottawa...
  13. shadh

    International student query

    i agree with momi, home country ties because TRVs are based on home country ties
  14. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    it is, besides, it will help in two ways, scb can endorse dollars on your passport so you can show them to the visa officer upon landing (yes, there's going to be an interview) and an account from an internationally recognized bank might help process your application faster. under NO...
  15. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    @scorpion, GREAT ADVICE thanx a lot man .... those sound like skilled jobs (from that NOC list) .... getting them gives me a high priority of getting a provincial nomination, soon to a PR under the "international masters student with job stream" , right?
  16. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    @scorpion, yes i have and they talk about the "official program duration" and so does most of the people but my case is rare itself since not many people go for m.eng in an university which charges them per semester. So i wanted opinions from someone knowledgeable enough .... people are giving...
  17. shadh

    Got a work permit for just 18 months.

    if a person gets enrolled in a two year program , indifferent of how many semesters he's completed it in, he should have the same degree as the person who completes it in one/two more ; based on that, they both should be eligible for the same sort of jobs, hence they both should be granted the...
  18. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    loll ..... i had the same, it just means that it's in transit, and the transits usually take the time of 5-7 days or if you'r lucky, it will take just 3 days (depending on what priority vfs has set) but pretty soon, you'll get another mail saying it has reached dhaka centre, and then the blank...
  19. shadh

    All Bangladeshis going to Canada this Fall'2012 join here

    @ scorpion ,ottawa university charges me per semester enrollment. the m.eng program is just course based and i only have to take 10 courses..... if i finish it by 3 semesters by taking 4 courses in fall (the easier subjects are here), then 3 in the rest of the two, i will pay for 3 semesters...
  20. shadh

    Questions asked at canada Airport

    as far as i know, its just regarding how are you planning on paying, with what, nothing more than that because your source has already been verified so the immigration officer is just supposed to check whether that is still available and how are you planning on spending it ? for example, you...