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  1. Rlex

    E cas status disappeared

    WOW ! would you please share the reason for the refusal and the process of gettin on with the judicial review
  2. Rlex

    E cas status disappeared

    My Ecas is also back today with RBVO status. Is it again a glitch.Well now its more than a month since E-CAS started showing confusing and contradicting status messages.Does any one have any idea on what is going on ? Skan,Did you ever sent a Case specific enquiry or reconsideration request to...
  3. Rlex

    !!! Got Refused... Bye Bye Friends !!!

    They would return your processing fees and documents if your case is refused before getting in to Processing stage.In your case i guess your file had been processed and that is why you are not eligible for the refund.But i guess what ever be the case,they should be returning what ever original...
  4. Rlex

    !!! Got Refused... Bye Bye Friends !!!

    you can sent a reconsideration request with the immigration file number quoted in the 2nd AOR.In the same letter please mention that you have received a refusal letter with a different File number. OR you can sent a reconsideration request and another CSE regarding the File number mismatch...
  5. Rlex

    Refusal letter for NOC mismatch

    Same here.My File number in refusal letter is different. Passion Did you contact the vo regarding this mismatch and if so what was their reply !
  6. Rlex

    E cas status disappeared

    If you have left kuwait immediately after obtaining the Police certificate and if you had not retuend to kuwait and stayed there for more than 3 months,the police certificate what you currently hold will suffice
  7. Rlex

    urgently help needed. I got 5.5 bands in IELTS but also got the admission.

    Rehman, IELTS is not a requirement for student visa.However a very good IELTS score woould convince the VO that you are well equiped to able accomplish your academic goal in timely fashion.But ofcourse you will have to score atleast a 7. Diid you get admission for MBA? Did you take GMAT?
  8. Rlex

    status changed from decision made to Received by Visa Office

    Fazeel, Rizwan was saying that his Ecas status changed from DM to RBVO and this change had appeared after he has sent his reconsideratiion letter. We cant say that this is good news BUT at the same time you cant say that this is NOT a good news..We know a few cases where in they had sent wrong...
  9. Rlex

    status changed from decision made to Received by Visa Office

    Riwan, Any update on your case? Many of us are waiting for your feedback.
  10. Rlex

    E cas status disappeared

    I still cant accessm mine
  11. Rlex

    Urgent Enquiry please

    If it is for a reconsideration request,I guess you can write an Email to the VO it would reach the Programme manager.Apparently you can also send a snail mail to the programme manager @ the address provided in any of the communication from the VO. Hope you would receive precise info regarding...
  12. Rlex

    E cas status disappeared

    It is ON & OFF, Flipping Status Nowadays
  13. Rlex

    REFUSED Pre-June 10 Cases (JDs Mismatch) Want to Appeal, Connect Here

    Zee, Did they reconsider your case and if yes hoow did they inform you of this decison?
  14. Rlex

    All decision made refused who sent reconcideration letter get connected

    Did they sent youa nay acknowledgement for that or you got the received dates from your Courrier agent?
  15. Rlex

    Case Rejected and Reopened - will they ask us to provide new documents

    Would you mind sharing your VO? Why was your appplication initially refused? Did they sent you the refusal letter? How did you manage to get them reconsider your application again? Did you sent them a reconsideration request? Your answers would help a lot of people including me . . . . . . .
  16. Rlex

    Decision Made before Medicals does NOT always mean rejection!

    Did you get a reply from the VO for your CSE??
  17. Rlex

    FSW -PR Under 'Fast Track'... All U need to Know !!!

    Captain, Request your help to analyse and to decide what to do next on the above issue
  18. Rlex

    Pre-June Applicants Who received their 2nd AOR in 2011

    Did you get the letter? which one is the file number mentioned oin the refusal letter..? Please sharethe details