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  1. gotodxb

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    @rajkamalmohanram TEST Passed on July 7th, forgot to email/print/picture of my result page , is it possible to get confirmation on test results ?
  2. gotodxb

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    applied for a family of four, three had correct Canadian mailing/home address , one of my child mailing address showed home country address, i sent in an online address change request..
  3. gotodxb

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    Hello Guys, my application received on July 6th.. ICAS update in December 2020 showed application received.. Today, my application changed to "In Process" although i did not received any AOR email, does this mean the process has started ? and whats my AOR date ? anybody have similar...
  4. gotodxb

    Ray of Hope 110th draw

    Age is exempted when it drops below, so dont worry about CRS drop after NOI is issued.. below are the items you have notify if any changes after submitting application (, p27) Changes in Personal Information The OINP must be notified if...
  5. gotodxb

    Ray of Hope - 100th Draw

    strange no one created ROH 101 , or i am not finding it ?
  6. gotodxb

    Do WES recognize distance learning MBA? If YES, from which University in India

    not it is not.. what matters is your current job description matches with NOC code you will select..
  7. gotodxb

    Eligible for Two or more degrees

    yes , you are eligible to apply under two or more degrees.. you will have to get both diploma and BE transcripts evaluated..
  8. gotodxb

    Annamalai University Transcript

    Call controller of examinations office .. you can apply online through their website.. you have to send copy of all marksheets and final certificate to an email id , i used this last year not sure still valid.. give a try..
  9. gotodxb


    Only Primary applicant needs to fill.. ( One Annex A form ).. but both primary and dependents passport needs to be sent..
  10. gotodxb

    Express entry or CSQ??

    with one year Canadian experience you can apply for EE under CEC category..
  11. gotodxb

    ECA - points claim

    Two or more degrees..
  12. gotodxb

    Ray Of Hope - 87th Draw

    Thanks for update.. i did not know today is the Day of Pink.
  13. gotodxb

    Ray Of Hope - 87th Draw

    Whats with PINK headers on draw page.. only Female candidates will be selected for this draw ? :)
  14. gotodxb

    US-based applicants, let's connect here

    Thats right, if you don't like the country move out.. whats the point of staying in the country and complain on everything, bad for the mind and body..
  15. gotodxb

    Ray of Hope - 85th Draw

    PCC is by country, do no matter if your get from a city which is different than passport.. just make sure it is within 6 months when submitting application..
  16. gotodxb

    US B1 Visa Interview in Canada - PR Holder - Indian Citizen

    on the day of appointment Fingerprints will taken first inside the consulate before the interview, no need to take separately outside..
  17. gotodxb

    Landing: Peace Bridge (Fort Erie)

    Peace Bridge Flagpoling , 24hrs between Tuesday-Thrusday
  18. gotodxb

    Ray of Hope - 85th Draw

    possible if back to back draws are conducted when ITA score is in 430's. BUT recommend not to wait , rather look for chances to increase score wherever possible..
  19. gotodxb

    Ray of Hope - 85th Draw

    you can only submit either IELTS or CELPIP score , both are for English language tests, people take CELPIP/IELTS based on personnel preference.. CELPIP is more PC based, have its own advantage and disadvantages..