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  1. mcbeth

    Exemption 51

    See my post in this thread: If you want to leave, leave. Should be no harm to either sponsor or sponsored. Hope this helps.
  2. mcbeth

    Condition 51, Abused Sponsored Spouses and Exception Requests

    Having gone through a recent separation from a sponsored spouse with C51, I would like to inform everyone that CIC/IRCC is no longer enforcing Condition 51, at least that's what the woman told me when I called them yesterday. She mentioned the 3 year undertaking of responsibility, but I had to...
  3. mcbeth

    no parent at our wedding

    My wedding wasn't attended by either of our parents, we just explained the cost of travel was prohibitive to them all attending. No questions were asked by CIC officers.
  4. mcbeth

    Marriage failing, my options as sponsor?

    My wife and step son have been here for 8 months and while I have a good relationship with him, the same can't be said about her. I see this marriage falling apart before my eyes and can also see she doesn't want to try to fix it. That means there's 16 months of condition 51 remaining for her...
  5. mcbeth

    Red flags in my relationship

    I had many more red flags in my application for my Russian wife than you have and we were approved with zero problems. Our application had the following red flags for example; met online, 3 months for first meeting which lasted 1 week, 3 months till marriage and honeymoon which lasted 1 week...
  6. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    For my wife's application we initially only sent the info page, when she eventually went to "in process" she was then asked to send a copy of all pages. She went decision made on a Thursday, we didn't hear anything until the following Tuesday when she was asked to send her actual passport. She...
  7. mcbeth

    Success Stories!

    This sounds very similar to my application with the exception of only about 12 photos. My Russian wife was given her visa with no questions asked, some updated documents were required, and she and her son landed last Friday. Our application first went to Moscow, when they were processing...
  8. mcbeth

    Landing list of belongings

    I advised my wife to group items together; clothes, shoes, jewellery, electronics. She landed in Vancouver and said the form wasn't even looked at, just asked about marital status, age, where she was going to live, and sign the COPR. It took longer to get her bags from the plane than it did to...
  9. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    The only way is email, CIC has a form you can use: They are slow to respond, if they respond, but they do work fast for the most part.
  10. mcbeth

    In Process to Decision made timeline?

    They want the marriage licence and not the marriage certificate, or do they want both? I only sent a marriage certificate, a photocopy, and it was accepted for my Russian wife.
  11. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    If the work book is a concern you could always include a short note explaining why you didn't include it in the application. As short paragraph telling them that your country was no longer using work books by the time you were working age should suffice. I've read that Russia (where my wife is...
  12. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    mertik, that's good news my friend. Once they receive that the next thing that will happen depends on if you need a visa or not, you will either be asked for your passport for visa stamping, or you will get your copr in the mail. When my wife was asked for more documents and photocopy of her...
  13. mcbeth

    Hongkong post lost my passport and COPR? Help..

    Re: Hongkong post lost my passport? Help.. I thought passports are supposed to be sent through the VAC (visa application centre)? Correct me if I'm wrong. This is how my wife sent her passport and it was returned to the VAC she sent it from, full tracking, no problems. I know this doesn't...
  14. mcbeth

    Feeling a little helpless

    Where's your visa office? They all seem to operate to different rules but if you yourself have gone decision made then be patient, if they were going to reject you they would have asked for more documents and/or an interview. They don't necessarily like multiple emails asking the same...
  15. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    I guess it would depend how far your passport has to travel. My wife sent hers from Siberia and had it back, stamped and with COPR, in 2 weeks exactly. Visa is valid as long as your current medical is valid.
  16. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    She had to do both police and medical a second time because the originals were from October/November 2013. They didn't finish processing her until March 2015. You might get lucky and be finished before yours expires, or if it's close enough maybe they will give you an extension. I can't speak...
  17. mcbeth

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    You can safely assume that your file is being transferred. In my wife's application, the only notification she got was when her application was sent to Warsaw from Moscow (when Moscow was still handling app's). Don't be surprised if you don't hear anything until the embassy is ready to move...
  18. mcbeth

    Sponsor and applicant address are different in ECAS

    My address is shown with a dash, having said that I doubt it's a problem. Call CIC if it really bothers you.
  19. mcbeth

    8 photos

    My wife's (Russian) photos were individually cut. They were cut close to the dimensions asked for but they weren't all cut evenly, CIC never said anything about this. As long as you can have them close to the required dimensions I would cut them if I was in your shoes.
  20. mcbeth

    IMM0008 Russian passport question

    The name on the documents has to match the name in the travel passport. Fill out the forms with her maiden name for now and then send in updated forms after you have your UCI and her new passport.