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  1. mats

    CoPR original required for Oath or copy enough?

    For a friend. Is CoPR original required for Oath or copy enough? Original valid PR cards is available. Please let me know.
  2. mats

    Supplementary Evidence Request

    Is it just the travel history? Did you try this ? My guess is if it is just entry exit inot /out of US then this link should give the result which maybe accepted by IRCC.
  3. mats

    Can a PR request ATIP notes on behalf of a friend

    My friend applied for a TRV which got rejected. I had sent a sponsorship letter for him but the TRV got rejected. Can I submit a request for ATIP notes on behalf of my friend ? Coz I see that a Cnd Citizen/PR or Organization in Canada can only request it? Do I need to get any authorization?
  4. mats

    For citizen passport application

    Thank you canvan and scorph. He plans to travel with his home country passport, which is not visa exempt. My only doubt now is, is there any clause which says you have be inside Canada when sending the application by post.
  5. mats

    For citizen passport application

    Hi all, My friend going to be new Canadian citizen soon wants to apply for Canadian passport, but he is planning to travel the next day after oath. Can he send the application by post after the oath? His family plans to send the passport to him after it arrives. Any issues with that?
  6. mats

    Name change related

    No suggestions?
  7. mats

    Name change related

    Hi Friends, my wife changed her name to add mine after marriage. Her passport is without the last name. Both her names(first name and last) were in the Given name field and hence her PR docs came without the last name. Subsequently, she changed it in her home country passport. However her PR...
  8. mats

    Email from CIC that PR card renewal needs secondary review

    Yes, I have crossed with only my expired PRC several times. Only thing is it takes a while, like 15-20 minutes, sometimes for them to verify, I guess.
  9. mats

    Sept 2017 - Any PR Card renewal applications submitted

    If 2 week has passed the try to call IRCC and see. If you don’t get through to them then send a webform request.
  10. mats

    Email from CIC that PR card renewal needs secondary review

    I did not request urgent processing as there was no reason I could provide. Just submitted the documents they requested and waited for 11 months. However I had US visa so I planned all my travel via US during that time and crossed into Canada by my private car. That is the best option in my view...
  11. mats

    Sept 2017 - Any PR Card renewal applications submitted

    We did for my son but they did regular processing not urgent. On March 22 it was sent and he got a summer internship opportunity outside Canada so in April we resent the whole package with the internship letter requesting Urgent processing again since no AOR was received. In end of May we sent...
  12. mats

    Permanent Resident Renewal Timeline 2018

    My son's renewal application is similar timeline as monimoni. Received on 22 March,shows started processing on July 6th and also shows as decision made. However, my son was full time student so not much travel and its a straight forward one.
  13. mats

    PR renewal application

    Yes, you still need to supporting documents to show you lived 2 out of 5 years in Canada. It could be your rental payment or bank/credit card statements or any other documentary evidence.
  14. mats

    Citizenship test next date after unable to take first notification

    when unable to citizenship test in the first notification, and requested to give another date, is the second date given after a long time or soon. Anyone who has experienced?
  15. mats

    Shold I request record of movement from CBSA?

    Which question? The option of allowing IRCC to get travel history from CBSA? This is there in the PR renewal application itself.
  16. mats

    Shold I request record of movement from CBSA?

    NO you do not need to give IRCC the CBSA travel records. They will get it directly from CBSA. IRCC is expecting you get that from countries other than Canada.
  17. mats

    Entering Canada with close to RO requirement days

    Since it is after almost 2 years, so there is good chance of secondary. There will be standard questions like when you left etc but since you are only 6 days short of missing the RO. So I feel it should not be a problem. You can make a general statement like you will be able to meet the RO if...
  18. mats

    Travel Advisory with less than 730 days to complete PR obligations

    Firstly, your PR status don’t expire. PR Cards have expiry date but not your PR status. You remain PR of Canada even when you haven’t met th PR obligations. Because your cards expire 2020, there is a possibility that you can slip into Canada without getting reported, particularly if you use the...