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    Proof of sibling relationship

    Hey Can we update our EE profile for sibling points before receiving ITA?
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Hey, are they inviting people from outside Canada through OINP Tech draws? P.S also to receive an OINP through EE profile, one just have to mark Ontario (and other desired provinces) in the initial stages of EE profile or anything else needs to be done too? Looking forward to response from the...
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    My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

    Hey am also planning to do a soft landing in start of may and then return back in 2 months to wrap up stuff in home country before moving back permanently. If I am unable to receive my pr card during my stay, will it be a sensible option to get it by FedEx or dhl? P.s I think the photos on my...