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  1. yiso91

    Version 2019 - Guide to Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE

    Aloha everyone, So Am making this thread for anyone who have got a relation to the UAE and need to get the PCC issued to comply with IRCC regulation 10 regarding proving personal criminality record. I will be show casing this topic from a personal experience, as being a resident of the UAE for...
  2. yiso91

    Questions toward PR in Express Entry

    Hi all, After a very long wait for my invite , I am currently arranging my documents and shall submit my eAPR next week. However, I had few questions that I had before I make this step: 1- to prove my employment experience and after speaking with HR manager, he said he can only provide me with...
  3. yiso91

    High points with no ITA

    Hi everyone, So I recently scored highly enough in CELPIP to be able to get 478 points at my EE profile. Yet I haven't yet got an ITA after today's draw which saw lowest CRS to be 443. My profile was created on 13 October 2018 while I have updated my profile to new CELPIP scores on the 15th of...