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  1. eminem_n_rihannah99

    Experience with Immigration Officers Warsaw VO

    Can anyone comment on their experience with the immigration officers in the Warsaw VO? Any details you can provide are well appreciated as there are no threads that touch on this topic.
  2. eminem_n_rihannah99

    What is a statement of no intention?

    Does someone know what it means IF someone signs a statement of no intention before removal from canada?
  3. eminem_n_rihannah99

    Advice on exclusion orders and scrutiny

    I'm interested in knowing all the ways applicants with exclusion orders have addressed this matter within the application to reduce scrutiny? It is said that applications from applicants with exclusion orders for overstaying or working may face more scrutiny in proving the genuine nature of...
  4. eminem_n_rihannah99

    Exclusion order vs lawyer feedback

    My husband was excluded from Canada for 1 year for overstaying 3.5 years and working. The exclusion order expired February 2015. From what I've read the ban time be ones a part of the processing time and does not slow the application processing time. We are using a lawyer and they pulled his...
  5. eminem_n_rihannah99

    Red flags

    I haven't found a thread for a list of red flags