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    Manitoba Provincial Nomination

    Hi.. I received LAA .what are the next steps. Need your help guys.thank you and keep safe...
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Hi to all...I just created my EE profile yesterday May 5, 2021, and I am currently creating my profile in Job Bank... My question is how to apply to OINP. Can some help me...thank you
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    Hi everyone. I just need your help in creating my EE profile.. I have the ff. Ietls result CLB 7 Wes.. 4 year course equivalent NOC. 2132 Mechanical Engineer Work experience : 5 yrs in Philippines and currently working in Qatar for almost 8 yrs now I included my family in my EE profile but...
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    Shared my IELTS materials collection and where to get it

    Hi Sarah, Can you please share the materials to me. Thank you in advance Thank you, Joan
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Hello, just want to ask.. I already have my EOI account before ( i think 2 years back) but i cannot find in the website how to log in my acount. Need your help Thank you
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    Immigration to Canada

    Hi, Just want to ask where I can find and how will I know if my representative or our Immigration consultant is authorized or accredited by CIC? I am here in Qatar? Is there any accredited agency here? Thank you
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    How to Apply

    How to apply under the provincial nominee program. thankyou
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    Degree Attestation Services From Saudi Embassy In Pakistan

    Hi, just want to ask about WES application. What credentials I need to submit. thank you? Also, we are in Qatar working, we have all the original credentials with us. Do we need it to submit thru mail? Please advise Thank you
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    Initial step how to apply in Canada

    Hi, just want to ask your help. we are working here in Qatar and my family is here also. My Husband is Mechanical Engineering Graduate and wanted to immigrate in Canada. What are the initial steps that we need to do (about applying for immigrant) Thank you