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    ***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

    I'm in the same boat. No PPR so far. Extremely disappointed with IRCC.
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    Ready for Visa email - but have questions

    Hi, can I asked what visa you're on in the US? I'm on F1 and I'm not sure if I'm exempted to travel to Canada at this time. Thanks
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    Softlanding via Land in Year 2021

    Hello everyone, what visa are you guys on in the US? I have an F1 visa and my permanent application was approved last May (though no COPR was issued due to Covid). Do you guys know if I'm exempted from the travel restrictions?
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    Approved PR with job offer

    Does anyone know if people whose PR application has been approved (but COPR hasn't been issued due to Covid19) can travel to Canada now if they have a job offer? I received my "PR approval" email back in May of last year, but they haven't issued me a COPR ever since due to the travel...
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    ***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

    I submitted my PR application (Express Entry track) in August 2019 and now still waiting for their final answer. After 10 months, they asked me to submit an additional form (IMM 5532) Anyone else received this request? Who else is waiting for their result? It's extremely frustrating that a...
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    Express Entry PR - Form IMM 5532

    Hi everyone, It has been about 10 months since I submitted my PR application (Express Entry Federal Skilled track, which should have taken only 6 months) and yesterday CIC (Singapore) asked me to submit IMM 5532 form. Has anyone experienced this? Is it normal? I felt like the info on the form...
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    Prove of a common-law marriage through express entry

    Hello! I assumed you already got your PR? If so, could you kindly let us know what documents you ended up submitting? My partner and I are in a similar situation. We don't have many documents to prove but we have many photos and social media messages to show. Thanks!
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    CIC website login problems? Can you login properly?

    First, just log in to your account. When you're logged in, just keep it as is. Second, open a new tab in the same browser and then log in again. This time, you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions, just click accept, and then you'll asked to input answer to your security question...
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    CIC website login problems? Can you login properly?

    Looks like this issue still persists in 2019. I saw a thread somewhere that recommends logging in and then open a new tap and log in again, while also keeping the first tab logged-in. I tried this and it works! I was able to submit my express entry profile. I'd thought this was a maintenance...