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  1. Regina

    How to bring Mother to Canada?

    She cannot be travelling to and fro to India and Canada every 6 months or stay in India as she is the one family I got and I'm the only family she's got. ============================= Are you married? If you are then this is not an option for you , or if you have other close relatives in Canada...
  2. Regina

    Denied boarding

    with the quarantine period it can be upto 6 weeks ================= No, 14 days in a whole if you are healthy and have not caught COVID.
  3. Regina

    Submitted application showing enough financials but numbers are inconsistent throughout

    Wait for the answer from CIC. If they need you to explain something they will ask you. (You were able to get money but were not able to apply by yourself? What are going to do in Canada? )
  4. Regina

    Minor Study Permit

    The school has to inform you about its requirements for English. Visa office does not care. It looks like he will be assessed at school (English and Math) and judging by the results will be placed into a proper grade. About medical exam first of all you should look at If there...
  5. Regina

    If I've finished a 4 year and a 1 year program at two schools, then will I get only 1 year pgwp?

    Can you describe your thoughts in details? Do not just assume that other people could read your mind and therefore there is no need to talk clearly. I advise you to call CIC, and also ask an immigration consultant about your idea. And then compare what they said.
  6. Regina

    Study permit - family ties in Canada and country of residence

    Evil Cog - MechE, there was an answer for you. Just change UAE to QATAR
  7. Regina

    Can I start college if my student visa is delayed?

    College will not accept you without your Study Permit.
  8. Regina

    If I've finished a 4 year and a 1 year program at two schools, then will I get only 1 year pgwp?

    "But it is possible to complete programs that total more than 2y " Like 4 yr and 1 yr? Why would you need a 1yr program if after 4 yr program you will already get 3 yr PGWP? Or are you talking about accelerated programs? But the initial question is not about accelerated programs.
  9. Regina

    Can I receive a student visa with a gap of 3 years after 12th?

    I think CIC will look at your final degree and work experience. Could you convince VO you need to study in Canada for your career in home country?
  10. Regina

    Study permit got refused in 4 days.

    Work: Chemistry teacher 2014-2019 Chemistry demonstrator from 2020 Primary sponsor-Father Secondary sponsor-Husband Fund details- 48000CAD( course fee 15000CAD) first-semester fee(8000CAD) is paid So, you are working in Chemistry (one way or another) , having a Bachelor degree, and...
  11. Regina

    If I've finished a 4 year and a 1 year program at two schools, then will I get only 1 year pgwp?

    IF The student completed more than one program from an eligible DLI within 2 years. Note: Each program of study must meet all PGWPP eligibility requirements and be at least 8 months in length. THEN The length of the work permit should combine the length of each program. If the combined length...
  12. Regina

    Parent sponsorship requirement

    Guys, since when sponsorship of parents was changed from 10 to 20 years?
  13. Regina

    Visitor Visa

    She could try. But could be rejected the entry because her stay at home was less than 6 months.
  14. Regina

    Can a Aunt or Uncle sponsor a niece

    " if you qualify, can you sponsor your sibling over 18" No, if you have your parents alive. There is a priority list whom you being alone in Canada may sponsor.
  15. Regina

    Endless wait for citizenship application update Besides, why are you , guys, in such a rush? Could not wait for your citizenship to leave Canada the next day? Or are so eager to vote? :)))
  16. Regina

    Visa approved 1st time, rejected 2nd time

    I do not know what they are. Is this something special in India? I think you need to write a strong SOP explaining your change of plans, your recognition that you are not ready for Masters, why the new path is better for you, how it will help you in your career AT HOME .
  17. Regina

    Visa approved 1st time, rejected 2nd time

    Also, could you please give a link to PAM-1? I was not able to find such a program on Fanshawe College site.
  18. Regina

    Visa approved 1st time, rejected 2nd time

    My visa stamp had a validity till 31st December, 2018 ========================== Your visa expired the moment the University expelled you. Thus in January. Do not know when exactly you had to leave but definitely you could not stay till December. I think you are good with leaving in February. 1...
  19. Regina

    Husband Visitor Visa

    Both cases are possible but be prepared to get refusal (on visitor visa).