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    Guide to submit application in Mon Project

    I submitted my csq file today through mon project but I have the following status being shown. Please help me out as am really worried. Status - treatment du paiement Action - Imprimer la fiche d'accompagnement - Mettre a jour ma demande What does this mean? I have also not received...
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    CSMB school

    When did you clear your french B2 and when did you apply?Did they call you for interview??
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    PEQ interviews

    I have even heard of them banning the applicants(PEQ) from applying for 3 years if they fail to clear to interview...And I have not heard of anyone clearing the interview...They either suggest to retake the french course or take the standardized exams like TEfaq etc...If anyone has some issues...
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    PEQ interviews

    I have recently heard that all the applicants are being called for an interview under the PEQ category though the website does not says so. Please share your information.