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    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    @legalfalcon AOR date 9 Oct 2019 . Please add me to group Thanks
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    Apply BOWP when current is closed work permit

    My wife has close work permit valid till feb 2020 and also she is primary applicant for PR and AOR date is 9 Oct 2019 She is in other country now and wants to apply for BOWP. Can she apply even though her current permit is closed permit and also what will be procedure? I came as dependant and...
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    Resignation on Closed Work Permit

    Thanks Also My wife has Closed permit and currently her employer has send her to other country . She wants to resign and come back to Canada. Can she do that and get entry to Canada.??? permit is valid till Feb 2020 I hope it will not affect my permit to work as i am dependant
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    Resignation on Closed Work Permit

    I have same query as you...Do you get any answer to this???
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    Entry back to Canada on Closed Work Permit

    Hi, My wife has Closed work permit that she received for Company transfer from India to Canada. It is valid for 1 year. I came along as dependant on Visitor Visa and after reaching Canada applied for my Open work permit and i received it for the same time my wife has Closed permit Visa.(Till...