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  1. dbss

    Can anybody help me with PFL letter

    What does it ask you to do?
  2. dbss

    Study permit extension before July 25

    Need more information if you need more information.
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    Citizenship Ceremony Leave

    Depends upon your job. Some unionized jobs do provide it but only for half a day and you are obligated to return on active duty after the day. If unionized, check your collective/bargaining agreement otherwise talk to HR to find out.
  4. dbss

    Changing name after recieving citizenship

    It is tough to say because you updated your Driver's license already and that was one piece of ID I provided when going for my CDN passport. If you can satisfy all the requirements for the ID, I do not see why you cannot apply. If you should or not, is a separate question.
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    OCI process

    You do need CDN passport for applying for OCI but not for surrender (citizenship certificate will suffice).
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    OCI process

    I am looking to apply for OCI and have part A and part B filled in. It is asking me to upload mandatory documents but I am planning to submit renunciation and OCI on the same day. What should I upload for the "Indian Origin Proof". This is what it says: Surrendered Indian passport (first and...
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    Canadian passport with given name "XXX", will OCI have "XXX" too ?

    OCI will be made upon the basis of your CDN passport because it needs to match since your CDN passport is your travel document not OCI. Hence, it needs to match. You will need to get a provincial name change done --> get a new citizenship certificate from IRCC --> update your passport -->...
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    Decision Made, ecas says invited to oath but haven't received notice

    I got it three days before the ceremony, so relax but I would call them Tues or Wed if you do not receive it.
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    Applying Canadian Passport

    Grace period of three months also only applies if you have not received your CDN passport.
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    Urgent Processing - would this be a valid reason?

    If you are OFFERED a position that requires CDN citizenship, then the department hiring you can provide you a letter requesting Canadian Citizenship as requirement for hiring in the position which can then be used for urgent processing. For my friend, they asked for it and he said it is in...
  11. dbss

    Scarborough -DM-Oath

    You need some proof like Driver's license and passport with the updated name. The instruction guide mentions the kind of proofs that would be accepted. The change does not have to be a full name change but rather something that shows name change. If you do submit a legal name change request...
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    Scarborough DM to Oath dates

    DM May 16... still waiting..
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    Scarborough -DM-Oath

    What does "Decision Made" in ECAS really mean? Is there anyone here who has been waiting for Oath date with "Decision Made" for more than a month?
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    October 11th 2017 - Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule

    Application Received: October 13 2017 AOR: November 04 2017 In Process: December 03 2017 FP Request: November 20 2017 Test Invite: April 29 2019 Test Date: May 15 @ Scarborough 8:15 AM Desicion Made: May 16 2019 Oath: Waiting and waiting.
  15. dbss

    Adding last name on Canadian passport

    Legal name changes You must apply for a new passport or travel document if you’ve changed your name legally. You need to include all the required documents for a new adult general application (adult travel document application for non-Canadians) and pay the full fees. You will also need to...
  16. dbss

    March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    Depends upon the stage of your processing. I have read in their manuals that change in address will trigger a change in office leading to transfer of file unless the current office believes that the change in address was to circumvent processing, hide information etc. in which case they can...
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    OCI process

    If you apply for surrender of passport and OCI at the same time, do they both come together? My timelines seem to clash for travel but given surrender certificate comes early i.e. in 3-4 weeks and OCI takes more time, I might just bite the bullet and apply for visa 2-3 days prior to departure...
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    Expired ielts for citizenship

    No, since it would have been the academic version of IELTS. They require general version of IELTS. If you graduated from a program I believe you can use it. Length of program you will need to confirm. 2 or more years is definitely accepted.
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    So do I pay the biometric fee when applying or not? The online CIC tool says I need to provide biometric and adds the fee to the total cost of application. Do you know why I don't need to give biometrics? Thanks.