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  1. RawkingOut

    November 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Good morning all - Admin please update : App sent: 13th Nov 2018 AOR : 25th Jan 2019 In progress: 01 Feb 2019 Test invite: 06 June 2019 Test + decision made : 25 June 2019. Single applicant I'm in Scarborough and waiting for oath ceremony invite. What phone # do folks call to get an update...
  2. RawkingOut

    When to apply? - account for processing time?

    Hi all, Thank you for your help in advance. I meet two thirds (730 days) of the time on the physical requirement but taking into account the 12 months processing time - should i apply now? With the Oct 4th announcement i want to apply asap. I couldn't find this Q on the forum but I believe...