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    Peace Bridge Landing

    This is just a quick round up on how my landing went. I landed at Peace Bridge on Friday 28th July. There was a little bit of a traffic line up, but nothing more than 30 mins. When I arrived at the Immigration booth, I told the officer what I there to do. He then proceeded to make a phone...
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    That said, is there a border crossing that is seen as more favourable? Usually, I go to Lewiston, but I think fort erie is near also.
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    You're all right - thank you! Now which border crossing would b less hassle do you think. Looks as though I'll be doing it on a Friday afternoon.... any heads up/advice you can give me.
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    Yes, I have seen this to. But also, no real clear answer... some say yes, some say no.
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    I agree, it is a little bit of a hassle... but on the other hand I avoid refusal. I could just land when I come back from Vacay, but I am there fore week and would like to get the ball rolling on receiving my PR card, Every day counts :-)
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    Well, I enter the USA quite often. I am also looking at applying to schools there, which means that potentially I’ll need a visa. I don’t want to add in future application that I have had refusal into the USA. Essentially, that is what flagpoling is, they hand you a refusal paper and you go back...
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    Landing : To flagpole or not to flagpole

    Hi all, Just wanted to know, in your opinions, which border crossing is the best to go to? I am currently in Toronto and hoping to complete my landing this week. Usually when I go to the USA I use the Lewiston crossing. However, I am just wondering if people have had a good experience doing so...
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    Next step after creating Express Entry profile?

    I second that, 60 days is the amount of time you have to submit your EE profile. Once submitted, you'll be given a score according to the information you gave in your profile. After that, fingers crossed you will receive an ITA with what you scored.
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    I am in Toronto, ON. I mailed it to the Ottawa Visa office. What about you?
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    PR Card and Travel?

    If you have status to be here ( canada) already, for instance you have a IEC which is still in effect, your best bet is to leave if you need to and do your landing when you come back and can spend a substantial amount of time here waiting for the PR card to arrive. If you do your landing and...
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    Help for deciding NOC

    Pick the NOC in which you have the most experience in. You can find a list of NOC codes here:
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    Ive submitted a copy of my passport, pictures etc. Just wondering if I will have it back soon.. or how long on average it takes.
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    Has CEC slowed down recently?

    I haven't heard of people getting their application approved within 1-2 weeks anymore, however I think if your case isn't too complicated Ie. travel between certain countries, then you can expect to be complete before the 6 month mark. Right now, according to immi tracker, its ranging between...
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    IP2 Wait

    You would be IP1... 'NA' is next...
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    how long does copr take to arrive once you have sent off the required documents?
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    Applying For COPR... how to successfully and receive PR card

    Just wondering also, how long does COPR take to arrive?
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    Applying For COPR... how to successfully and receive PR card

    So am I correct in thinking that I don't need to do anything in order to receive the PR card once landed, I just wait for it to come or do I need to apply for it.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Do you need to apply for the card, or when you land do they automatically trigger some sort of notification for a card to be sent to you?