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    Startup visa program timeline

    They might request a new one during the processing time. It is called ADR. However, It is not required that you have to take another test if the IELTS expires after your application is received.
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    Letter of Support - Issued under Personal name or Company

    I haven't encountered this problem. However, IRCC does not require the startup to be corporated before issuing the LOS. So my guess is, it is still ok. If you eventually register the business, then maybe you can inform them about the change. I don't think it will cause a big issue.
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    Interview with a designated incubator for the SUV

    Have you taken the interview yet? From my experience, interviews will help them understand more about our proposal. So I guess it is important and necessary. After the interview, they might request more documents that relate to the startup.
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    Letter of Support - Issued under Personal name or Company

    The LOS is issued to your name and your co-founders (if any). Your company is also mentioned in the LOS. I do not get the second question that you asked.
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    My Relo Solution-help finding jobs in Canada

    That was why I asked for advise!
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    Startup Visa Program Timeline

    no, just temporary AOR sadly
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    My Relo Solution-help finding jobs in Canada

    Asking for my friend: Is there anyone who already worked with My Relo Solution before? They said they could help to find jobs and relocation in Canada. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
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    Startup Visa Program Timeline

    Hello, what did you say in the webform so the IRCC can give you the File number for AOR? I have sent my application since May 2021 and havent hard anything from them. Your help would be much appriciated!
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    Share your timeline - Under Startup Visa (SUV) Stream?

    I sent on May 2020 and no news about AOR. Does anyone know when they will start to process these applications that was submitted around this time?
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    Start Up Visa update - File number?

    rumors said the CIC officer don't go to work often due to covid. Then there is a serious backlog since the first lockdown in Canada in March. Since it is also paper application, it takes time for officier to actually go to the office and open your application to process.
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    Startup visa program timeline

    Omg that is so long. Mine is the same, it's been 5 months since I submitted. :(
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    Startup visa program timeline

    It depends on the designated organization to be honest. All I can say is it has to prove to the organization that your business is extraordinary, innovative and job creation for Canadian. That's the original purpose of IRCC when they created this immigration program.
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    Startup visa program timeline

    Read this: You'll need a designated organization to approve your business and issue you a Letter of Support, then you'll be almost ready to apply for PR, along with your fund, IELTS, etc...
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    File number

    It's been 5 months since my paper application was submitted to CIC in Sydney, still hasn't heard anything
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    pcc outside canada

    Get a police check for the time staying in Netherlands
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    Confirmation letter showing you've never obtained license in Vic, Australia

    Yes, anw, they emailed me the letter. I'm requesting them to mail me the original letter along with my Police Check when it's ready. Thank you anyway!
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    Confirmation letter showing you've never obtained license in Vic, Australia
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    Confirmation letter showing you've never obtained license in Vic, Australia

    Hi folks, Yesterday I sent an email to VicRoads in the request of getting a confirmation letter from VicRoads that I've never obtained a license in Victoria. Will they send me an email confirming that they've received my request and will mail that letter to me? Have anyone done this before...
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    Startup visa program question - August 2020

    I applied for SUV directly to get PR, no WP submission, so I'm not in your situation. The only thing I know is VAC is in charge of processing temporary residence application like WP, and Following Ministerial Instructions issued by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada on April...
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    imm008 validation number disappear on the signature page

    Could anyone help me please! I applied for PR application 1 month ago, haven't received the AOR yet. But I just found out there should be the validation number on the right bottom corner on every page. There isn't any on the signature page, but there is on other pages. Would it be a problem and...