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  1. s23srinivas

    Visitor Extension and Visitor visa expiry date relationship

    Thanks. Appreciate the quick response as always!
  2. s23srinivas

    Visitor Extension and Visitor visa expiry date relationship

    Hi, My parents are currently in Canada with me on visitor visa that will expire in Feb 2022. They have been here already for 5 months and now I am planning to apply for the Visitor Extension for another 6 months to align with their visa expiry date. Will the expiry date of their visitor visa...
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    Visitor Record

    You may create a new profile/account for her and apply for the extension using this account. Since your father didn't come to Canada, it doesn't matter if he was the primary applicant at the time of the visa application. All the best.
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    Applying for B1/B2 within Canada on visitor visa

    Can I apply for B1/B2 US visa while in Canada on Visitor Visa for Indian Passport holder? Anyone with prior experience please share.
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    visitor record and passport linkage

    Hi, I am planning to apply for my parents' visitor record for an extension of 6 months stay on a visitor visa. They have spent 3 months since landing and 3 more months remain out of their 6 months quota since landing. The passport expires in 8 months. Visitor visa is valid for another couple of...
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    General question about tax / money deposit

    In case of transfer over C$10000, it has to be reported by the bank/transferring company to a body called FINTRAC which I believe will have some interaction with CRA. So indirectly there is some limit to the gift amount due to this and/or limit by the transferring company. As far as age goes, I...
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    Driving extract and DL

    You may try it from a different drive test center. I know its tedious but unfortunately that's how it works here. I have had such experience and I am sure you may find more such if you search this forum. All the best!
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    Can an Indian passport be renewed in Canada while on a tourist visa?

    Hi, I plan to extend my parents stay in Canada by applying for a visitor record to avoid any further travel during the pandemic. They are here on a visitor visa and have another 3 months stay left from their initial 6 month period from their arrival date. The plan is to extend the stay for...
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    General question about tax / money deposit

    You may treat it as a "gift" to certain level and avoid any tax on it. There are many interesting articles by financial consultants/institutes you will find on this topic if you search google. All the best!
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    Hi, I applied for the passport surrender and OCI at BLS Brampton (walk-in) and the only original that they kept with them along with the application form was my Indian Passport for cancellation + Bank Draft + 2 Photos. Rest all were the photocopies. Having said that, please refer to the...
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    Travel while Canada citizen application submitted

    Yes no problem. It will take another 2-3 months to receive your formal acknowledgement followed by some more months of processing till you get the test invite and oath ceremony. You are free to travel after applying for the citizenship and during the processing, just that you should be available...
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    Being Unemployment and applying for citizenship

    I would suggest you to apply for the citizenship as with current covid situation there is a huge backlog and building up. By the time you get a test invite after your application who knows it may be another 15-18 months assuming by then IRCC would have come out with a solution to conduct test...
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    OCI process

    Today being a Thursday don't pin your hopes much for getting it this week. It will be a good surprise if you get it in a day or two this week. Next week for sure. All the best.
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    oci for child

    You are right about the OCI Fees being 425$. Since a child's passport if of 5 years validity only, with every passport change you will have to renew the OCI card too. The BLS website shows 43$ for reissuance of the OCI card. Assuming that the child...
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    That means you they have opened your application in the system and you can start your wait, expecting another correspondence about your passport tracking status. All the best!
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    Passport copies

    In your application form if you have given IRCC permission to access your CBSA records they would check your entry/exit check prior to the interview from the cbsa system and may verify for any missing dates in the system against your claim by physically checking for the corresponding stamping on...
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    OCI process

    copr is not required for renunciation.
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    OCI process Submission Type = Walkin/Postal depending on your situation Application Type = Passport Application
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    OCI process

    Self declaration. Just a simple letter stating you are not married will do. All the best!