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    Newbie Questions - The Process & Steps, Outland.

    So the sydney office will decide on PA and Sponsor eligibity before file transfer?
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    Newbie Questions - The Process & Steps, Outland.

    HI, i know this is an old thread - but would like to clarify on 1 item above on the AOR1. I am the PA residing in Malaysia and my husband (Sponsor) is a Canadian citizen. Sent my application to the Sydney office. Wanted to know if the sydney will be reviewing my application or will they send it...
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    Affidavit & Translation of documents

    Hi, i am just double-checking my documents and saw a post in an old thread that said if the translation is done by a certified translator by your country an affidavit is not required. Is this true? Can someone help clarify? My documents are translated and certified by the Court translator...
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    Doubt on form IMM5476

    ok thanks...
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    Doubt on form IMM5476

    ok noted. Thanks. Just soo paranoid with all these forms i guess.
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    Doubt on form IMM5476

    Was about to send my docs in and read this. "if a sponsor will receive correspondence for, or act in any way on behalf of the principal applicant, the applicant must complete the representative form" My husband is the sponsor and im the principal applicant. Does this mean i have to fill up...
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    Sending forms

    ok. As in the Canada post is more reliable? i am sending thru DHL so should be okay rite? i was just wondering if the Immigration sorts the application to different centers if the package is from Malaysia.
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    Sending forms

    I am almost done wit my forms and would like to check when sending it to Sydney, will the forms be sorted according to when the sender is from? So, wld it better if my husband sends it from ON to Sydney. Or me from Malaysia to Sydney?
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    Translating Whatsapp conversation

    i downloaded my whats app chat message into a word file ? is this acceptable? or do i need to screen shot it? i will get it certified. My conversation are in english so no translation required.
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    Supporting document - previous visa refusal letter

    Hi I am gathering my documents for spouse sponsorship - outland. I have declared that i did previous applied for a tourist visa and was dennied. i have also stated my reasons in box provided within the form. My question is - do i attach the letter from the canadian embassy on my previous...
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    Translation of Original Documents

    My birth certificate is in my country native language and i am getting it translated by an official government translation body. Just to clarify - the translation copy needs to be CTC (Certified True Copy) by a notary public rite. Does the translator need to provide an Affidavit? or is this the...
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    Spouse sponsorship Fees

    Hi, I write to seek opinions from all on paying the fees. If i am paying for the PR fees thru my card instead of my husband eventhough he is submitting the application for PR - Outland, will this look odd to Canada immigration? We are husband & wife and expenses are shared. But will it matter...
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    Financial Evaluation - IMM1283

    I am preparing my sponsorship form and under my country specific package - this financial evaluation form was not listed. However, it is listed in my document checklist. I am confuse on this sentence here. "If the person you are sponsoring (your spouse) has one or more dependent children, who...
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    Declaring Family Members

    i have joint legal custody of my daughter and i have gotten written consent from my ex to allow my daughter to immigrate with me