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    schedule 1 schengen zone ?

    Hi, how did you solve this issue?
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    ***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

    Most recent like 1 year? Or what was the wording? In the initial application they ask for the last 10 years..
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    ***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

    Hi, what exactly did they ask?
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    Travel history

    No address needed for places where you travelled. Just write your permanent address.
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    Judicial Review Settlement Question

    I am not sure but I think the ban is given only for section 40. If section 40 was not mention in refusal letter there is no ban. Please wait for @legalfalcon @scylla @canuck_in_uk @canadianwoman @jes_ON @zardoz and other seniors to clarify.
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    Judicial Review Settlement Question

    This is absolutely crazy. However, you mentioned that they refused you for misrepresentation (this means normally 5 years ban)..but now you are saying that cic told you twice “apply again,pay the fees“. Are you sure they refused you for misrepresentation initially?
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    Judicial Review Settlement Question

    Sorry to hear it man. I don’t really have any advices for you but just wondering why they accused you of something? I saw you posted before about travel form request and employment letter. What went wrong in the end? Please share. Also, what do you mean by-“ In the end of February Department...
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    PNP Proof of funds

    POF not needed
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    Your Travels / imm5562

    Every country has different rules upon recording entry/exit.
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    About work experience

    The system automatically knows if you are eligible or not. If you got ita and can prove everything you claimed points for - you are fine.
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    Level of education vs ECA

    Level of education-whatever it is considered in your country diploma. Level of education shown on ECA-level of degree shown on ECA(in your case Master’s)
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    Personal history - slightly off

    Approximate dates are fine.
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    Your Travels / imm5562

    What country are you talking about?