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    No reply from anyone
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    I want to know is it compulsory to pay 1 year fee before applying or we can apply with seat reservation fee..i checked a collage and they are arsking for 1500$ for reserving seat in course? Is it ok to apply with seat reserving fee?
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    Study Abroad Loan in Pakistan

    Which banks?? And Procedure?? Please tell
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    Study Abroad Loan in Pakistan

    Anyone have info about that?
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    Kindly help everyone please

    What i have to do ?
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    Help me every one

    My perpose of visit is tourism and my parents live alone here i am the only 1 to take care of them..
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    Kindly help everyone please

    I am from pakistan kindly guide me what i have to do. I am currently doing job my salary is 143500. But i dont have any property here to show them. I have savings of 8 lacs I want to apply for tourist visa for 14 days. Kindly guide me the way and is it possible for me to get visa..please every...
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    Help me every one

    I want to know what i have to do to get a visa. I have a job here in Pakistan with salary 152000 But i dont have a property here in my country nor my parents have any property. How to convince visa officer ??
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    Proof of funds

    Since i dont have money to show embassy 10,000 CAD...which bank can give me study loan i am from pakistan..and kindly tell me eligibility and process also
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    Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

    I have done intermediate from lahore can i apply ??
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    Can I use HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) transcript for Express entry

    I have done intermediate hscc from pakistan am i eligible for Express entry?
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    Does any one applied for EE from Pakistan on intermediate basis..??

    Please tell me friends...what is pakistani intermediate equivalency in canada..
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    AINP NOI whose CRS score below 400

    I have done intermediate here in i eligible for immigration and what is intermediate equivalency in canada?
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    Program equivalency need help

    I have done intermediate of commerce (2year college program)from pakistan.i want to know what is it equal in Canada.i want to do 1 year diploma from canada in accounting. And please guide me what kind of program i am eligible for? And what is post graduate diploma in Canada?