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    GST/HST deadline question.

    So here's the thing, I landed as a PR(with spouse) in September 2019 and due to some personal issues I've been tied up and haven't had a chance to look at my tax obligations or benefits eligibility till now. Now I just started work on filing my 2019 tax returns and reached this link after...
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    Regarding PCC (Police Clearance certificate) in India

    I'm just trying to understand why you want to ask this question in the first place?
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    Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

    I think I've misunderstood your original post, this post shows a difference of 481-466 = 15 points. Your original post mentioned "it will lead to 500+ point" I thought you meant "difference of 500+ points" but now I see all you meant was the person will get 500+ points on profile. All I meant...
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    Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

    I just did, I got exactly 48 points of difference with (2 years of foreign experience) vs (1 year foreign + 1 year canadian). Not sure how you're getting a 500 point difference there.
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    Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

    Just trying to understand a couple of things here - -I'm not sure how married folks struggle more. I had almost equal number of points if I calculated my points without my spouse or if I put in my spouse's details in the application -When you say Canadian AND foreign experience will lead to...
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    Why am I not receiving the RPRF fees request letter or the PPR mail even after 6 months?

    This is fairly common, a lot of applications from Dec-Mar AOR have crossed 6/7/8 month marks. Will suggest you order GCMS notes
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    PCC: What kind of questions are asked at the PSK?

    1. Since your last verification was done in Aug 2018 it is almost certain they will not hand you the PCC straightaway and will reverify. You will not be told when the visit will happen or when you will be called to the PS. If you register for the SMS service you will get a message when your file...
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    PCC: What kind of questions are asked at the PSK?

    1. Get it done from the address on your passport. Remember that once you get your PSK appointment done there would be a physical call to the address you've given by a constable to verify that you live there (it does not matter if you work somewhere else as long as that place can be verified as...
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    Need help with PR application

    The current score by OP -> 8/9/7.5/6 is CLB 7 and even moving up to CLB 10 will give 12 points on transferability and 16 points from language so a maximum of 23 points can be added moving the score to 448. But that's still a low score. (12 points on transferability, currently getting 13 points...
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    Do I need to declare ALL bank accounts for Proof of funds?

    I had the same case, I only declared the one that had the funds, (Infact the second account was my salary account with a loan going on as well.) Does not matter, CIC is only trying to find out of you will be able to support you and your dependents till you find a job in Canada.
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    7 months completed but eligibility not started yet

    I'm sorry, but what do you mean by a year? Did you have a previous application before the one you submitted 7.5 months ago? If that's the case it could be a contributing factor to the delay in processing of your application.
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    WES Procedures - University of Mumbai

    While I could not find an article from Mumbai University announcing a tie up with the service. I am aware that this service is used by many top colleges to verify their degrees online for overseas education/immigration etc. For example St. Xaviers College Mumbai insists people use the...
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    WES credential request from OU

    Not necessary, sometimes WES will give a "Post Graduate Diploma for X years" equivalency certificate to a Masters degree from an Indian University. In such a case if the applicant has bachelor's degree they will be able to get "Two or more degrees, diplomas or certificate" points in their...
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    Salary acc and PoF acc

    No I recieved no ADRs, no issues at all. I have my PR.
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    Salary acc and PoF acc

    I had most of my funds in my primary bank account in a different bank from where my salary was credited. In my POF I only showed a letter and statement from my primary bank. Even though I submitted paystubs that had the account number of my salary account, I did not submit any details about...