Mother Slays Dragon

May 25th, 2010

This is my belated Mother’s Day tribute to Maria Gallardo, who, in looking out for her son, was willing, and more than able, to take on anyone who got in her way.

Four years ago this month I wrote a blog entitled “As Canadian as…. a Knife and Fork,” which commented on the disturbing experience of a young Filipino-Canadian boy. The youngster, Luc Cagadoc, was then a Grade 2 student at a Montreal-area school and he was repeatedly admonished and humiliated by a lunch monitor for the manner in which he chose to use his eating utensils. The school principal and local school board both supported the lunch monitor and adamantly refused to apologize for their intolerant behaviour when they were called upon to do so by Luc’s mother. But Maria Gallardo would not allow the issue to just fade away.

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