Better Safe Than Sorry

February 25th, 2009

On most days, I truly love what I do. Many lawyers spend their working lives locked in adversarial battles, where one side wins and the other loses. Not much fun, if you ask me. In my job I get to work in an environment, where most of the time, there are no losers. Our clients almost always get what they want…Canada gets what it needs…and I get to make a decent living from it all.

But some days, my work is not much fun at all. Take last Thursday for example. That’s when we received notification from the provincial government in Alberta that, effective immediately, candidates, who apply under the special nomination program for H-1B status holders in the U.S. would have to maintain their H-1B status and U.S employment up until the time that the provincial nomination certificate is issued, a process that can last 2 to 6 months. Before last Thursday, applicants only needed to be employed at the time the application was submitted and if they lost their U.S. job after submission of the application it would not negatively affect their Canadian immigration plans. So there you have it…no warning and the rules change.

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