The Missing Link

December 31st, 2007

Over the past year we’ve seen quite a few changes in Canadian immigration. The trend continues towards the decentralization of immigration selection, with more and more power being put in the hands of provinces through Federal-Provincial agreements. More people are coming to Canada through Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP). The PNP’s also show another ongoing trend in Canadian immigration: a focus on jobs. Whether through PNP’s or other streams, the Canadian immigration story of 2007 has been: if you have a job waiting for you, you can get to Canada sooner. Read More »

Canada Should Reduce Visa Application Fees

December 17th, 2007

In Canada, we enjoy first-class social services such as healthcare and education. To pay for these services, the government has a number of sources of revenue… from income taxes to goods and services taxes (VAT). While most government services are free to the user, some – including visa services – charge fees to cover administrative costs. Read More »