The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan, 1964)

February 13th, 2007

Well, today’s the big day. After a lot of effort over extended time we are now launching the revamped

Our law firm first went online with in 1996. Both the Internet and Canadian Immigration have changed dramatically in the intervening ten years. Back then, as they say, things were simpler. People expected basic information from a website and Canada offered only one way for skilled workers/ professionals to qualify for Canadian immigration. Today, people look for websites that understand and react to their needs, while the Canadian government sets out more than 20 different ways for skilled workers/ professionals to qualify for Canadian permanent residency. Gone are the days of “one size fits all”.

There’s only so much tinkering and tweaking that can be done to a website. At some point in time it just has to be replaced by a different, and hopefully, better model. That’s what we’ve tried to do with the new website.

Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve:

1. Provide tools and other resources that will allow people to speed-up the Canadian immigration application process. The major complaint I hear from people in the Canadian immigration process, is that it takes too long. There are ways to significantly speed-up the process through Work Permits, Arranged Employment or Provincial Nomination. It all starts with finding a job in Canada and that is the focus of the new I hope you will take advantage of our Canada Job Search Tool.

2. Offer real, practical solutions to the legitimate concerns that people have about qualifying and applying for permanent residence in Canada. Until now, provided information on Canadian immigration and related issues. The new Canadavisa will still provide valuable Canadian immigration information, but going forward you will now be able to find solutions to the real issues that are most important to you.

3. Enhance the security of our website. All pages on the new that ask for personal information of any kind are protected by Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC), which enables 128-or-256-bit SSL encryption (depending on the browser and host server operating system), the most powerful SSL encryption commercially available today.

4. Create a more interactive environment for visitors to the new…Stay tuned for upcoming features.

It’s with some pride and a lot of trepidation that I flip the switch and go live with the new website. One never knows how users and search-engines will “feel” about a particular website until it goes live and by then it’s a little late.

Any comments and/or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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One Response to “The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan, 1964)”

  • On July 28th, 2009, Anonymous said ...

    I think there should be rules about NOT being able to wear what you want in public. France has implemented a rule that no visual religious attire shall be shown in public. We as Canadians must start standing for our own culture. Immigration is affecting our American-European-British culture. For instance, we get professors who instruct us in very poor English and French in universities which is affecting the quality of delivery of a Canadians's education who pays 2500$ per semester to be instructed. Our health care services will be affected such as a Muslim physician delivering care based on THEIR religion although they might not show it, but deep down they still believe in their religious views. Our ties are those to the Queen, and although immigration is part of our history and I ONLY MEAN PART; IT DOES NOT COMPRISE OUR ENTIRE IDENTITY. So, immigrants should commit to our culture, christianity or catholic religion, and dress normally. This is a very blunt comment, but it is the truth. Native Canadians must stand for their culture; otherwise, we will succomb to conflicts like third world countries. Canada's safety and comfort has been established by our UNIFIED BELIEFS BASED ON CHRISTIANISM AND CATHOLICISM WHO PLAYED A HUGE ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS COUNTRY. ISLAM AND OTHER RELIGIONS DID NOT COMPRISE THE IDENTITY OF THIS COUNTRY, AND THAT'S WHY THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOM SHOULD BE REVISED TO FIT THE NEEDS OF THE 21ST CENTURY!!!! SO, BOTTOMLINE, NO IMMIGRANTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR RELIGIOUS ATTIRE. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WE PROTECT IMMIGRANTS! THEY SHOULD JUST BE GRATEFUL TO EARN A PLACE IN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AND ADAPT TO OUR CUSTOM WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BEFORE THEIR ARRIVAL IN CANADA WHICH INCLUDES FLUENCY IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH VERBALLY AND IN THE WRITTEN FORM, PROOF OF BELIEVING IN OUR VALUES AND CEASING THEIR DEMANDS OF ISLAMIC OR OTHER RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!

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