About the Canada Immigration Blog

October 18th, 2004

The word of law is absolute. Its meaning, its interpretation is less clear.

Having been involved in immigration law for over 25 years, I’ve learned to appreciate when the opportunity arises to challenge the presumed facts. The purpose of this site is to express my views on the cross-border movement of people in general and the Canadian experience in particular. I hope to touch on foreign politics, world events, notable immigration cases and landmark decisions, policy, domestic issues and personal anecdotes as they all relate to Canadian immigration. Read More »

Canada Immigration Attorney David Cohen

October 18th, 2004

I remember, as a child, the sadness in my grandfather as he recounted his sister’s plight. From the safety of Canada, in the late 1930s, he did everything in his power to get his sister out of Poland ahead of the Nazis. He managed to get her to England on a temporary visa while he begged Canadian immigration authorities to allow him to sponsor her to Canada. His plea fell on deaf ears. Canada had by then slammed its doors on fleeing European Jews. England sent her back to Poland when her visa expired. She was never heard from again. Read More »