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Work Permit Application - Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by rhonzrose, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Dear Everyone esp. to my fellow applicants who submits their application @ Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    I've sent the complete sets of my documents last January 03, 2011 through Aramex. As mentioned in the website complete set of application will be processed within 4 weeks. And if additional docs. required they will contact us. ( Incomplete docs also will be returned unprocessed. ) I haven't received my docs back so I guess they're processing it now. :) Inshallah.

    I applied as Food Counter Attendant on a coffee shop, my employer sent me an LMO, Contract of employment and Offer Letter.

    Can anybody tell me what are the possibilities of Visa approval nor refusal on case like mine?
    Actual experience or point of views might help.

    Best Regards,

    Rhonzrose ;)
  2. Hi RhonzRose,

    Bigyan mo naman ako ng tip kung saan ka nag-apply gusto ko rin kasing pumunta dun. Nasa Dubai din ako nagwowork.


  3. Hi Denyl,

    I've known somebody whose currently working in a coffee shop in Alberta.
    Last Dec. he submitted my cv to his employer and that time they've got interested of me.
    I had a good experience in customer service and hospitality industry.
    So his employer applied for LMO..After 2 or 3 weeks they send it to me along with the contract of employment.
    Beforehand i already started to gather all the necessary documents and credentials. As i don't have agency so i just explore to this forum and embassy's website for info. After i completed everything i send it to Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi through Aramex.
    That's my story, and how it goes. ;) So now I'm waiting for the result as it was mentioned in their website that the process takes minimum of 4 weeks.

    My advice for you try to find employer first coz it's the main thing. After that process will be easy.
    Unfortunately i don't know how to find an employer i just got this job coz somebody helped me. Try some reliable agency as well.
    Just make sure they're not fake.

    Good luck.

    Best Regards,

    Rhonzrose :)
  4. Hi guyz..Im in Sharjah right, maybe i got the same situation with you guyz...My aunt is working in Alberta and his employeer want me to work with them but the problem is they dont know the procedure on how to process my working visa they said they can publish 2-3 weeks then the LMO after that they dont know what's next...anyone can help me what is the procedure to process my working visa in canada. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi Kittcath!

    I guess the process their planning for you were same like mine. I don't have agency as well, so I just process on my own guided only by the website of Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. You can send email to them as well. Just visit this link for more info and guidelines. Every questions you asked you can find answers in there. Goodluck! GOD BLESS :)

  6. Hi RhonzRose,

    Just want to ask... my friend submitted his documents thru courier to Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi [just today]. Though they said it will take 3 -4 weeks to process ? is it true or it takes more time ?

    Assuming , he will get his working permit ? what should he do next ?

  7. hi rhonzrose,
    i have the same situation like yours,i dont have an agency but i have already an employer in new brunswick.my friend also referred to me in his boss and got interested with me to work there.did you took an IELTS exam?and what are the procedures and documents needed?or just i need only these LMO,offer letter,employment cntract from the employer?and what are the documents i need before i send it to canadian embassy?

    hoping for your good reply...

    Many thanks,
    ana from dubai
  8. Hello frends anybody can knows if possible to iquire direct to canadian embassy here in abu dhabi, I sent my documents last jan. 10 dis year but untill now there's no reply by the embassy if there is some documents that they needed.
  10. Magandang gabi mga kabayan, sana po matulungan niyo aq, may mga tanong aq tungkol sa pag aaply q s canada, may LMO n aq at ina accomplish qn lahat ng requirements q. Ngayun po ay nag wo work aq d2 s JLT for 2 years na mahigit pero like q lumipat ng work sa JBR para s new work q sana, kaso may nag advise sa kin na kelangan daw ng canadian embassy s abu dhabi eh atleast maka 1 year ka s pinag wo wokan mo, totoo ba to o ayos lang na lumipat aq, makaka apekto kaya to s pag aaply q sa embassy. sana po may maka tulong sa kin.
  11. Hi Rhenroze,

    I have questions here I hope someone could answer me because I dont know what to do
    Here it is.

    1. I am currently employed here in Oman (we dont have embassy or consulate here so maybe I have to apply in Dubai) my contract will end on October 26 2013 and my current employer has my passport and they will not give me my passport and my certificate of employment in my current job until my end of contract or if I quit.Is there a way that I can apply for visa by passing my scanned copy of my passport FIRST then if I assure of obtaining a visa I will then send my original passport and my certificate of employment?I dont want to quit my job unless Im sure about me getting the visa.

    2.Is there an Interview?(my job is food counter attendant) Is it possible they would give an interview via internet like skype because my bosses cousin makes his interview in Australian embassy via skype .What I want to happened is I will go to Dubai (canadian embassy) IF
    *My contract has ended
    *I pass and approved to get visa

    3. How can I apply for a visit visa in Dubai? How long can I stay there I have a cousin lived there because He works there would it help with my accomodation?How much will it cost me visa and ticket?

    Thank you. I hope someone could help me answer these questions because I really dont know what to do.I dont want to lose my current job if I am not end of contract or to quit if I sure get Visa.Thank you have a great day..

  12. Hi co-applicants!

    I have applied for TWP at Abu Dhabi office in person on 18/03/2013.It is more than 2 months and I have no

    reply from them!!Is it normal? ???

    I submitted mu application with full docs including a positive LMO,job offer,police clearance,..

    is there any way to track my application rather than email or listening to that stupid operator over the phone

    who looks like a speaking rebot? :mad:

    Any feedback from seniors would be much appreciated.

    Wishing good luck to all!! :-*
  13. Hi, Hopper

    we are same applicant i have passed my application last year Nov, 9, 2012 till now no WP approval... :(
  14. Hi Honti
    Thanks for your message..
    It's really fritening..it's 7 months without reply???? :eek:
    I hopd we all will get a feedback very soon.
    Good luck

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