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where to look for Jobs with LMO offer

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by zhon, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Where are the jobs from the employer of from consultant,for which both are willing to apply for LMO offer.
    Where are the job web sites to look for these type jobs.
    how to find the consultants that are offering the work permit with LMO in ANY location of CANADA.Esp for engineering category.

    I think these are the most relevant questions everyone is looking for.

    Please help us and many people by answering these questions.

    Grateful to all
  2. Zhon, there is no place to specifically look for jobs with LMO, you just have to apply for jobs and make follow up phone calls with the goal of selling yourself and educating employers about the LMO program. I am in the process of doing that now. If I am able to get someone willing do an LMO I will certainly let you know how I did it.
  3. Thats correct. Believe or not... i'm trying since 8 months for finding jobs, which website i havent applied, i think no any, every day more then 200 places i applied for... but im not sure if really Online ..some companies are ready to give you Job while they have so many candidates available with right documents.... Its really look like just waste of time, i at last submit my application without any Job offer, as i realise it was impossible to getting a Job offer online, while living abraod.... If some one have any success story, then please share here with us.... we all will hight appreciate.
  4. Several Nurses recruited and hired online
  5. Hi there,
    there is not such a thing like a website with LMO job offers.
    However, you can always try to type LMO in search mask and see what you get.
    From my experience, no one is going to offer you LMO straight away. The more sophisticated position the more difficult it gets.
    If you really want a LMO job offer regardless what kind of job it is try hospitality. I know few cases where people where sponsored by working in small hotels up in the north. Usually, nobody wants to work there so they are more willing to employ foreigners and sponsor them.
  6. Have you had any success since then?
  7. I've been looking for 18 months.

    The truth is, most places won't apply for a LMO. It doesn't matter how much you ask. They don't do LMOs period. They only hire citizens, PRs, and OWP holders.

    Only certain professions regularly hire foreign workers, such as Live-in caregiver, which requires special job training or experience, plus a medical and CPR training among other things.

    CIC states on their website they only hired 150,000 TWF last year. That means they're hiring less than before. Many fast food won't even hire TFW anymore.
  8. It is possible to find a job offer and all if you're abroad. You just have to be very patient and very tenacious. I managed to find an offer!
    What's my secret? Tons of different websites, calls and emails every day.
  9. what kind of job did you find?

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