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Where to get Canadian Dollar Money Order in USA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Mike053, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. I tried Bank of America and couple of other banks, they say they make drafts/MO/cashier checks in USD only.

    I also visited some western union and currency exchange places, but they also do in USD. Please guide where can I get draft in Canadian dollars...this is for FSW1 category to send with application to Sydney, NS

  2. ask them for an international draft.
    You can also get from wachovia, citi, etc.

    I heard you can also get one at USPS.
  3. I called wachovia, citi, hsbc, BoA, chase and also USPS post office

    All say they do only USDollars. No Canadian dollars
  4. You have to get a bank Draft for a bank.
    USPS gives international money order but they will give like for 550 USD converted in canadian. but not other way round for CAD550.
    western union/walmart etc gives only in USD.
  5. I got it from Wells Fargo foreign exchange branch. I think you can get it from airport currency exchange also...although I am not sure...

    But Wells Fargo did it for me pretty easily!
  6. Just make the draft in US dollars, no need to be CAD $$ - Send it to CIC in US dollars and is accepted.
  7. Hi

    WRONG WRONG, please read the instructions, the fee to Sydney must be in $CAN

  8. I paid both of my fees (Application Fee and RPRF) in US dollars draft, however I sent it to Buffalo and thought same rule applies everywhere.

    If they change something recently then its my bad.
  9. Chase bank does issue a 'canadian money order'. Didn't charge any for me but usually it's 5$ they say. Try it out.
  10. BofA does make bank draft in Canadian dollars, but you need to order it over the phone.
  11. FOLKS

    I recently sent the application to sydney. I had the choice of getting a Chase or BOFA (charging $25 or $45). But i decided to use American Express service, they do it for $25 and get it very next day.

    Lookup for an American express travel agent, call them up and tell them you want an International Draft for CAD.
  12. Hi. I have a question the currency of canadian to u.s. is different do I need to pay a little more in u.s. to get a canadian money order?
    Because the usps is asking me the currency conversion because they dont know to pay in exact amount when it reaches Sydney NS payment? Pls adivise. Thank you.
  13. Hi. Pipa, did you get a bank draft or money order at wells fargo? Is it in Canadia dollars because I'm going to send
    it to Sydney, Nova Scotia they want Canadian funds? Did you send already did they encashed it? Dis you put exact amount in Wells Fargo because the currency between U.S. and Canada is different? Thank you. Pls. advise

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