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What's the Difference between Visa and Work Permit???

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by freelancer78, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just want to ask, what's the difference between work visa and work permit? If we apply for a work permit here in Canadian Embassy in Manila, would they also issue us our visa? because the form that we have to submit is Work Permit Application Form and not Visa Application Form. So, If we apply for a work permit, can we also get our visa? just a little bit confused. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi Freelancer78

    To my knowledge; foreign workers, like us, must complete and submit an application for Temporary Work Permits (TWP). If there are no problems in your submitted application, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) will be issued and stamped by Canadian Embassy Manila (CEM) in your passport. Upon arrival in your Point of Entry (POE), which is usually Vancouver, a TWP will be issued and attached to your passport with the details, conditions and validity of your stay.
  3. Hi plussy,

    Thank you for your response. Now, it is clear to me that work permit is only issued upon arrival in canada. I am still on the progress on completing all my requirements for a TWP applications, aside from the forms such as Application for A Work Permit form, Family Information and Work Permit Information form, do I still have to include the Temporary Resident Visa form?
  4. Hi Freelancer78,

    Did they send you an application package to fill up?

    Check out CIC website for the complete package you need.


    Checking the CIC website under the application package for a Work Permit Application, a Schedue 1 - Temporary Resident Visa Form (IMM 5257 -Schedule 1) is listed.

    Is this the one you're talking about?

    If it is enumerated in the package, you must include it.

  5. Yes, that is what I am talking about but as stated in the Document Checklist for a Work Permit, Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside Canada (IMM 5257 - Schedule 1), IF APPLICABLE. So this is what I am confused of, I don't know If this is applicable or not since I am only applying for a work permit.
  6. Hi Freelancer78,

    Browsing the Instruction Guide (IMM 5487), you will find a link for Appendix A Temporary Resident Visa Exemptions.


    These are the applicants that do not require Schedule 1 IMM 5257.

    Therefore, as a citizen of the Philippines, we must include this.

  7. Hi plussy,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I highly appreciate it.
  8. simply explain VISA - use for entry in canada
    WORK PERMIT - allows you to work in canada
    with out visa you cant enter canada, with out WP you cant work
  9. Hi,

    I have an employment offer(Software engineer) from a canadian employer that I recieved on Sep 23, 2011. The HR manager told me that I need to enter Canada before 30-sep, 2011 and get the work permit stamped at the Port of entry.
    This employment is in Vancouver, BC. There is no Labour market opinion (LMO) for this position(IT Professional) because of the exception for employers in British columbia which is valid until 30-sep-2011 which says that the BC employer should intimate

    I think that's the reason why the HR manager mentioned that I need to enter Canada before 30-sep-2011

    Here's what the HRSDC website says

    "Employers interested in taking advantage of the temporary facilitated process for Information Technology (IT) specialists in British Columbia can continue to do so until September 30, 2011. Employers will still be required to notify Service Canada and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development (ALMD) of their intention to hire temporary foreign workers for the 7 IT occupations covered under this process. After the notification has been made, the temporary foreign worker can apply directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to obtain a work permit.

    The notification will consist of employers informing both Service Canada [bcitoccupation @ servicecanada.gc.ca] and the ALMD [TFW @ gov.bc.ca] by e-mail, of their intent to hire a temporary foreign worker in one of the 7 IT occupations under the IT facilitated process. Employers must provide the following information in the e-mail:
    a.The SUBJECT LINE of the e-mail must state: "BC IT NOTIFICATION"
    b.Name and address of employer
    c.Specify the required IT Specialist occupation from the following list: i.Senior Animation Effects Editor
    ii.Embedded Systems Software Designer
    iii.MIS Software Designer
    iv.Multimedia Software Developer
    v.Software Developer—Services
    vi.Software Products Developer
    vii.Telecommunications Software Designer

    d.Description of the position
    e.Employment start date and end date
    f.Duration of employment (number of days or weeks or years)
    g.Salary to be paid in Canadian dollars
    h.Location of work"

    I applied for the work permit yesterday(28-sep-2011) at the canadian high comission at new delhi.
    They have told me to collect the passport on Oct-12, 2011

    My question is

    1. Do I have to apply for the canadian work permit before 30-sep-2011 OR should I enter canada before 30-Sep-2011.(As I mentioned, I've already applied for the work permit at the high commission)
    2. If I get my work visa stamped by the high comission and I travel to canada , eg; on 15-oct-2011, Will I get my work permit stamped at the port of entry.

    I asked the same question to the High commission guys and they replied that they simply issue the work visa and it is for the Canadian border services agency(CBSA) to issue the work permit at the port of entry and the high commission replied that they are not aware of the rules of CBSA.

    Can some one clarify my doubt? Your help is highly appreciated.

  10. Laks,
    I am in the same boat as you are.

    Program in BC is extended until December 2011.


    I have applied in a hurry like you in D.C. (USA). Was given a time frame of 2 weeks to receive back the passports, awaiting Passports.

    I have a question for you, how soon can we apply for PR without HRSDC approval?

    Thanks and goodluck,

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