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what will be country of issuance

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by chefumang, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    i am having Indian passport but its issued from kingston , jamaica....
    in this case what will be the country of issuance. as in passport it says place of issue KINGSTON
  2. Country of issuance is the :
    Country of the place of issue.

    It is found on your valid PP, In this case JAMAICA.
  3. Thanks a lot. i write same in my application but wa sworried may be i print wrong.. thanx again for kind help of u guys


  4. No. It is not correct. Only country of your nationality can issue passport. You are Indian and therefore PP can only be issued by Indian Embassy in Jamica. Indian Embassy is part of Govt of India. Your country of residence is Jamica and place of issue of PP is Kingston.
  5. then in this case what will be the country of issuance
  6. country that issues the passport is the country name at the front of the page
    place of issuance would be the city where the embassy is located.
  7. i am having indian passport issued from kingston , jamaica

    but place of issue of passport is kingston , so country of issue is also jamaica . what do u think
  8. where do they ask this question?
  9. Whichever the country of issuance, a passport proves the identity and nationality of the bearer. A passport is connected with the right of a national of the country which issued the passport to consular assistance from the issuing country while the national is abroad, and with the right of the national to enter the country of which is a national. However, the right to assistance does not arise from a passport, nor does the right to enter. Each of the rights arises from nationality.
  10. when u fill the form . chech the link and i copy it also


    18 Write your passport details, including the:

    passport number
    country of issuance, and
    expiry date.
    Note: For the principal applicant only, if you have a valid passport or travel document, include a photocopy of the bio-data page (page in your passport with your name, date and place of birth, passport number, and photo). Do not send your passport.

    and in th application


    check serial 18

  11. I still think its india, but i could be wrong. I think if you fill it out wrong and give an explanation on a sheet of paper, you'd still be fine.
  12. thats what i am thinking tooo. wht u think i shuld write in explanation
  13. Place of issue on your passport is: Kingston, correct?
    so where is Kingston, is it in INDIA?

    Your nationality is "INDIA", right!!! but your passport was issued by the Indian High commission in Kingston, where? is it INDIA. NO

    Whichever the country of issuance, a passport proves the identity and nationality of the bearer.
  14. I am thinking the same
    the country of issue is jamaica on that basis. but.....?
    thats what i write in my first application.
    may be i will call indian embassy to get answer in this matter.



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