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What province should I choose Alberta,Ontario or Quebec?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by manu_pena, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Here's my dilemma , I've been researching where to land and live in Canada and from all the info I've come across it all points me in 3 directions since they are provinces where I have friends , so Nova Scotia and other provinces or cities (Ottawa has been highly recommended too) are not even a choice since I wouldn't even have the slightest clue where to begin settling down. So the provinces are as follow:


    Alberta has the lowest taxes, lower minimum wage than Ontario , almost the same price to live in Calgary or Edmonton than Toronto but Alberta has more jobs.

    Ontario 13% taxes, 10.50 minimum wage, expensive housing

    Quebec - Montreal is cheaper then Vancouver and Toronto and you still get the big city feel. 9.65 minimum wage , cheaper in almost every aspect not just housing, but have the highest taxes in all of Canada

    I understand that no place is perfect and the it is all relative when it comes to try to balance something like this out, so bottom line can you tell me where a single 29 year old male would have the best quality of life , given the fact that family, high schools, are not a weighing factor when I make my decision. I would like to live in a city at first, transportation and weather reasons mainly. Since being a newcomer to Canada ( permanent resident ) I have to build credit etc. So I can't buy a car just yet to move out of the city and commute. A lot of advice from older people all tell me to move to Alberta , but friends tell to move to Ontario or Quebec.

    I wonder how everything balances out , meaning, tax vs income vs expenses , etc..

    PS: I would learn french, I'm fluent in English and Spanish already, so Im kind of eager to learn a 3rd language plus the fact that every high paying jobs requests for one to speak french as well)
  2. I would say Alberta for its free healthcare and no waiting period.
  3. I did not know that. That's really awesome , thanks for you comment. I hope to hear many more. :D
  4. Alberta also does not have provincial sales tax which in many other provinces is 7-8%.

    If you go to Quebec, you'd need French. Do you speak French?
  5. No, I dont speak french , but if it was worth it, I could learn and I would be tri-lingual so its a win win situation if you think about it.
    That's the kind of input or feedback that Id like; I heard that almost everything food,rent,etc.. Is more expensive in Alberta, so is it really worth it?
    Has anyone live in 2 or even better all 3 provinces? :D
  6. I don't want you to change your mind. It is just for your and other immigrant's information
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_most_livable_cities - The best place to live in Canada is Vancouver
  7. I have lived in ON and AB. The cost of living is in some places higher but that is often reflected in the wages. ON is too hot in summer, AB is too cold in winter. Take your pick :)

    For a new immigrant moving from abroad, AB does have 1st day health coverage and also if you have a new drivers license, you can get a GDL license in AB without doing a waiting period but in ON you would have to have completed 12 months before you can get their equivalent G2 license.
  8. Hi I would like to settle in BC with my wife and two kids ,but I want to know where is the ideal place to settle for a newcomer,i.e affordable rent close to all amenities,school,transportation.I`m thinking of Burnaby or Surrey(Vancouver seems expensive)?Your advice/help will be much appreciated.Thanks guys!
  9. Vancouver is a bit too expensive for its minimum wage,jobs , high taxes, rent , ect. Its not a choice for me. Im sure its very beautiful but I think to land and integrate myself, it would just put necessary pressure , that if I cant get a job , rents to high ,services have 7-8% more taxes , but the weather is nice :D. Nothing yet on Quebec..... :D
  10. Here is useful sourse of information for people who are looking for rent in Vancouver or any other place in Canada.

    I have been living in Canda for over 15 years. I strongly beleive that prices here show the value.
    May be cost of living is higher in Vancouver than in Calgary (I realy don't feel this way).
    I would never ever move to anywhere from Vancouver because of health insurance for the first 3 months or 5% more than in AB provincial tax.

    Leon, do you realy think this is a reason to avoid Vancouver ???

    To be honest BC has lowest income tax for average people.
    BC has the lowest corporate income tax = 13.5% for the first 500,000.
  11. Like I said nothing against BC , it has the best weather in all of Canada but its very expensive, high taxes , same or lower income then other provinces, less jobs ect. It doesnt seem the best choice. Obviously if you've been living there for 15 yrs , have a job, are already a costume to the province, why would leave? Im really happy that you have a great job, health insurance and enough money to pay the tax difference. But honestly just because its beautiful doesnt mean your life will be. :D
  12. The PST or the health care? There was also a time that BC minimum wage was almost 50% higher than in AB and now, AB is actually higher. However, that is only relevant for somebody who is making minimum wage. Last time I checked, rent was also higher in Vancouver than in AB.

    However, in my opinion, it depends a lot more on where you can get a good job. Look for a job first, then settle. With a good job, you can cover higher living expenses and with no job or a minimum wage, it will be hard everywhere.
  13. Yes exactly ! I agree, that's why I was looking for opinions/experiences on these 3 provinces. My goal is to land a good job and if I can find one before I land, it would make it easier. But just in case I cant get one , I want to make a well informed decision , based on facts. I wonder what would be the advantages of living in Ontario.....
  14. If you are not sure where you are planning to settle, I recommend starting in AB for instant health care and ease of drivers license.
  15. I will also suggest start in AB.

    I lived in Vancouver for 5 years. When we migrated that's where we landed, we chose Vancouver because ex-hubby's relatives are all in Vancouver. I love Vancouver's weather in the summer months only, the rest of the year not that much. Moved to Canmore, AB in 2006 and never want to return to Vancouver except to visit.

    To each their own I suppose but here are the reasons why I love Canmore, AB:

    1. I don't like 9 months of rain in a year. I'd rather have 2 weeks of -35 to -40 with lots of blue skies and sunshine and I really don't mind the snow.
    2. Gas is relatively cheaper in Alberta, the difference is about 10-20 cents per liter.
    3. Health care is free in AB.
    4. Personal tax exemption is higher in AB. If I'm not mistaken it is 9000 in BC and about 11000 in AB.
    5. Minimum wage is higher in AB and the fact that in AB nobody really pays minimum wage anymore. The pay rate at McDonald's in AB ranges from 12-14 starting.
    6. We don't have PST in AB.
    7. Rent is higher in Vancouver, and that is a fact.

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