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What is UCI?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by newlife23, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I am sorry if I sound silly, but what is UCI in question 3 on the Generic IMM 0008 form? And also, I am a Malaysian but currently living in Canada. So my current country of residence is Canada?
  2. I'd like to know too, given that this is one of the numbers they associate with your file along with the B and F numbers when they reply to your email....
  3. UCI = Universal Client Identification number or Unique Client Identifier. Basically it's just another file number that identifies you and your application.
  4. But I do not have a UCI number CharlieD10. Do I just leave it blank?
  5. You leave that space blank unless you were given an UCI from a previous application. It's not mandatory to include one.

    This is from the <a href="http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/3999E4.asp">Guide, item 3</a>:
    "Indicate your Universal Client Identification number (UCI) or Client Identification number (Client ID), if known (8-digit number). Otherwise, leave it blank. If this is your first application with CIC you will not have a UCI or a Client ID."
  6. Thank you Aneyshar :) .
  7. Yes, it is Canada, unless you are in Canada on a TRV or for only a short time.
  8. Last year I applied for a visitor visa for my wife and step son and they got it. This year I'm trying to sponsor them to immigrate. Would they have been given a UCI number last year when their visitor visa's were accepted?

  9. Unique client identifiers
  10. after submitting all document after ITA, I received that acknowledgement of receipt (AOR), then after 2 days I got communication (pdf mentioning UCI: <uci number> asking me to submit few more details within 7 days.
    They mentioned following documents:
    * <UCI number> <my full name>
    * Schedule 4 - Prov Nominees ...
    * Schedule 4A - ....

    Question is:
    1) regarding the first document they have asked, mentioning my UCI number, is that document the same pdf i received all the above communication ?
    2) the reason I'm asking this question is, last year I had applied for FSW and got my application returned stating quota as reached. In IMM0008 returned i had the same UCI# written. hope they are not asking anything about that ??

    thanks a lot in advance !!
  11. Some people might have a UCI if they had made previous applications for visas. If you don't have one just leave it blank.
  12. Hello,

    Can you please guide me. I have submitted my application for paisas otland category and my application has reached CIC by 12 January 2016. I wanted to visit my husband and I have not received a UCI number . So to apply for visitor visa should I wait for the UCI OR APPLY BEFORE HAND. Please do guide
  13. Hi, good day

    May I kindly ask if i have previously applied TRV and got refused
    I appllied again for 2nd time for TRV, however, I was not able to put the UCI from my previous application.. will this make a negative remark on the decision of my 2nd application? I am still waiting for the decision until now..

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