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What is UCI/Client ID?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by yoshimura, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    On the TRV form, what is the first entry field "UCI/Client ID"? Do I need to fill it in with something? I have no idea as to what.

    Please help,
  2. Here's the answer:

    Type your universal client identification number (UCI) or client identification number, if known. Otherwise, leave it blank. If this is your first time dealing with CIC you will not have a client identification number or UCI.
  3. If I am a PR is this the number in my PR card? Thank you.
  4. Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me, my husband is a Naturalized Canadian Citizen. He gotten his citizenship in 2007. Now he is sponsoring me for the PR application under spouse category. There is a field in the IMM1344 form which ask for his UCI/Client ID. What is this? Where can I get it and if we don't have it, can we leave it blank?

    Thanks for anyone's help.

  5. Hi

    He should still have his COPR if he "landed" after 2002, the Client ID would be xxxx-xxxx if not, leave it blank.
  6. Hi PMM, thanks for your advice. He landed in 1999. We can't seem to locate his UCI, guess we will have to leave it blank...hope that would be fine! :eek:

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