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What documents do I need as host?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by blossom2012, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. My friend from India is visiting me here in Canada this year, and needs to apply for visitors visa. I am just a bit unsure regarding what documents I should provide exactly. The information online is all over the place, and there is a lot of confusion. First of all, I guess I must provide an invitation letter, as well as proof of my citizenship status (passport OR citizenship card).
    But for proof of financial assessment, the list includes T4, Notice of Assessment from CRA, Proof of Employment and Bank Statements. I just need to know if I need to send in ALL of these, or just 1 or 2 on this list.
    Anyone done this before? Someone please advise.
  2. You need to send your proof of financial status (Notice of Assessment from CRA, assets) with invitation letter to your friend and then he/she submit them with his/her visitor application and payment to the Canadian embassy/consulate in India.
  3. We sent all sorts of proof and in the end it boiled down to realizing it isn't that important from the Canadian side of things. If your guest can't PROVE THEIR TIES to India, there won't be a visa. So read everything you can on Forum about TRV and make it a strong application. Read everything about refusals to help you avoid the pitfalls. Downplay relationships in Canada as they just make it harder to prove the person will return to India. Get an employer letter authorizing the leave and giving date of return, notarized copy of property ownership and tax assessments, anything that shows the guest is in a sound financial situation, including positive travel history. Make sure the guest writes a strong cover letter with a compelling reason for the visit, including brief itinerary, and acknowledges that he must return to India before expiry of the visa. Good Luck.
  4. So is it sufficient if I just provide Letter of Employment and copy of bank statements? Do I really have to send in Notice of Assessment?
  5. If you are just applying for a simple TRV, not a supervisa, then I don't see why you have to provide your income tax assessment. A current bank statement with decent funds should suffice. Check to see if there are specific instructions for individual countries. In your letter of invitation, state how and when you met the guest and why you are inviting them to visit.
  6. Thanks Pippin. No idea where to check if there are specific instructions for individual countries. I wish someone who actually has experience with friends/family visiting from India could advise me. The guy at the Canadian visa office at my friend's city is demanding that I should provide ALL of them (proof of employment AND T4 AND notice of assessment AND bank statement). I don't even feel safe sending all that to a far off place where unwanted eyes may fall on them. :-\

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