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What do they do during a medical exam.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Eric Parker, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Just wondering what the doctor will ask and do during the medical exam. I am scheduled to have the exam tomorrow. I will have the required documents with me as asked for through checklists and such. But I was wondering what do they ask during the exam and what they actually do and look at? I get nervous with any exam or doctor visit (since I have had bad experiences with uptight, preachy doctors in the past), so if anyone has some insight or warnings, or such, please lend me a hand in calming my fears. I know the doctor is doing a job, but still...

  2. It's like an annual physical really. Nothing to worry about. Questions about medical history, take your vital signs, send you for a chest X-ray and some blood work.
  3. Google this form:

    IMM 5419 and the section B is the questions the Doc is going to ask you, the rest of the sections C, D & E will be what the Doc. will fill with your medicals test, like blood pressure, reflexes, ear and nose, etc.

    Don't worry

  4. Great stuff!

    Question: I am (with a blessing from my regular doctor) going to have a discontinuace of my high blood pressure medication due to the fact I lost over 150 lbs in the last year and am eating much healthier. Is there somewhere on the form this could be mentioned? Losing weight and not taking meds any longer could be a positive for this exam...
  5. Tell the Doc he'll do it or not
  6. Are you have your exam done in Canada?..
    I had mine done in Vancouver about 5months ago, it's just a general health check, more questions than anything else, he basiacally looked at general health, blood pressure, eyes, ears, knees, joints etc, and then sent me for bloods and x-ray of chest.. he said that people who require special medical needs are let in all the time, and there's basically nothing that could make you fail a medical, people with HIV, Heart disease & TB have all passed medicals, they just have to sign a form stating that they will seek the correct medical advice and medication for their illnesses and maintain them, it's like acontract...

    So no worries , you'll be fine!!
  7. Canada doesn't deny people immigration for being overweight so therefore you don't get bonus points for being a healthy weight or eating healthy. It's a pass or fail thing. When I did it, my blood pressure was 2 or 4 points over their limit which caused me to have to see a cardiologist for a cardiogram to prove that my high blood pressure was not caused by a heart defect. The cardiologist told me to stop eating certain things and by the time I saw him, my blood pressure was aready down too so it was not an issue.
  8. Exam went well. In fact, the doctor is a Canadian in the US on an american PR (the reverse of what I am applying for) and has also been my Aunt's back-up doctor sometimes.

    What luck :)

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