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waiting for PPR step 2

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sam pk, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. ya thanks, when ur PPR1 recived by them. i think the season of PPR2 will start soon.
  2. i hope for it may be PPR 2 week , i got PPR 1 02-12-2011 through email , pls send me Cell no
  3. Asad... Best of luck to all of us
    Finger crossed and prying
  4. Hellloo
    abu bakar how r u what you planned after u got visa
  5. hey,
    In shaa-Allah fly to dream land for better future & You???
  6. Tell me asad & abubakar how we check status on line , i have checked so many time through client application status but every time its shows nothing why
  7. Follow the bellow link you.this is right path to check estatus.give your details etc etccc
  8. Thanks Broo
    but i did use same link so many time but i dont know where i am mistaking
  9. below message shows every time

    We were not able to identify you using the information you provided. There could be three possible reasons:

    Please be sure the information you entered is correct and then try again.
    This service is only available to clients with applications in process. We may have received your application but not yet begun processing it. The following link may help you determine if your application is being processed:[/font]
  10. kab aya ga p p r 2 God help and blesss us this last wait is killing
  12. @ ilyasshaihan and @ sam pk

    What's your ecase status showing?
    Mine is showing "DM".
  13. Broo my ecas is not working to till date its terrible but its a fact
  14. when you did got your PPR 1

  15. 15 days ago...

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