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Visiting Canada for US visa stamping

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by ckumark, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I completed my PR landing process in January 2012 and came back to US without receiving PR card. I provided my friends address to receive the PR card but he did not receive until August 2012. We manage to follow up and we were told that we need to personally come to get photographed and our PR card will be issued. I plan to go back to canada in October 2012 (without PR card but with landing documents). I saw in the official canada site that we can enter Canada by showing proof of landing documents at the entry (as I will use personal vehicle to enter canada). Does any one has any idea how many days it will take to get my PR card? if I get my PR card while I am in canada in about 30 days, I want to come back and take my family back to Canada.

  2. Hi
    Your actual query is different from the Post subject..
    Once you provide the photograph, you may very well receive that by mail (to your friend's address). No one can say for sure that you will receive it within 30 days. However your family can also enter Canada with the COPR and hence why wait for the PR Card?
  3. Sorry since I had many questions, i missed to put in the question about visa stamping. The reason I said 30 days is because by the time I would land in canada ,my US visa would have expired. I need to get visa stamped and then come back to US and get my family back to canada. While I am in canada I will be looking for apartment to live in.

    Another question is....First time when I landed in canada for the landing process, I used rental car and did not have any issues.
    Now 2nd time also can I use rental car since I would be going to provide photographs? or it would be a good idea to take my personal vehicle just to make sure to make them believe that I definitely intend to settle in canada? However I plan to move fully by feb next year.
  4. Hi

    Since you are re-entering Canada as a Permanent Resident, rental car or own vehicle will not matter. You just show your COPR and Passport and enter Canada (unless and until you plan to import your vehicle. How come you did not do that during your initial landing? Is the vehicle part of your To Follow list)?

    Your planning for Visa stamping:
    Not sure about your US status and your citizenship country..
    US Consulates advise you to do stamping in your Home country. In the worst case if your Visa is rejected for any reasons, you are stuck here. You cannot re-enter USA. Automatic Visa Revalidation is available only when you do not perform Visa stamping in Canada (assuming I-94 is valid)
    I am not sure whether these details are relevant to your visa status..
  5. Hi

    thanks for the reply again.
    Yes, I plan to import my vehicle now. When landing first time, I used rental car and provided my car in the items to followup list.
    I am an Indian citizen. I am in the US on h1-B . I am prepared to leave to india if they refuse to process my US visa in canada.
    I am assuming canadian PR's might have a little advantage for getting US visa as I may not be treated as a U-turn case.

    Now I have another question about visa appointment in canada.
    While scheduling an appointment there is an option to select
    -> Applicants residing in Canada
    -> Applicants residing in US

    WIll it be better to select "Applicants residing in Canada" , as I am entering canada to to start living with my family. However in the mean time my family will move permanantly to canada and I will join them later from US after 6-7 months. My family is currently in US with me. Hope I have not confused you.

  6. Hi

    Though officially you are a PR, practically you are NOT
    If you choose Canada Resident option and if the Consulate/Embassy requests for a Canadian resident evidence (Home/DL/...), you may not have them which will lead to denial. My suggestion would be to choose US Resident option (since you are renewing US Visa, it should be acceptable and correct)

    However choosing any of the option will highly influence your Visa approval process.
    Please wait for additional inputs from knowledgeable seniors or check other Immigration sites (Example: murthy.com)

    All the Best
  7. appreciate all your replies.
    thanks once again.

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