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Visa to visit Niagara Falls in Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by lguzman, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. I'm a permanent resident in US and my sister is coming to visit us from Mexico.
    We're planning to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, for only one day.
    Does she needs visa for this one day visit?
  2. Hi

  3. Yes, assuming she is a Mexican citizen ... unless she is also a US Permanent Resident.

    Note that she can either apply in Mexico or once she is in the US. However, if she waits to apply in the US, it will take longer as they will need to verify the information through the Embassy of Canada in Mexico anyway. Therefore, it's best that she applies before leaving to visit you (it will also make it easier to have all the documents available). Note that they have recently set up visa processing centers that she can use instead of working directly with the Embassy of Canada in Mexico if she doesn't live in Mexico City.
  4. :DThanks for your help.
  5. You're welcome; I hope you really enjoy your sister's visit :)
  6. Hmmm.. Actually she can get a visa from the border.. It is so much expensive as they dont encourage people from doing it..

    You can call the border patrol office to verify :)

    Good luck!
  7. Hi

    No you can't get a TRV at the border, you have to apply at a Canadian visa office abroad.

  8. I would not have suggested it if I didnt get one from the border.
  9. Hi,

    Which border did you go to to get your visa? What documents did you present, how long did it take you and how much did you pay (sorry dami ko tanong :)) Many thanks.
  10. Seattle-Vancouver...
    I was on a short-term assignment (work-related) in the US, then I have the documents stating that I am an employee from the Philippines and I showed my return tickets to the philippines.. I got the visa after 10 or 15 minutes and it cost me about 200 Canadian dollars..

    If may time ka pa, better pa rin sa consul kunin since 1 day din lang naman ang processing if sa US ka kukuha :)
  11. Hi

    I bet that you applied for a TRV at Seattle rather than the border.
  12. What is your problem??!??

    You are not there when I got my visa so dont act as if you know everything and make me look like a liar in the process.. You can verify from the border if you want to.. i'll give you the details of the visa I got from the border...

    You wanna bet? Ok, bet with your life.. It's my credibility you are destroying..

    On the second thought, why the hell am i explaining to you???
  13. We were also told something to this effect, that we can get day passes from the US to Canada (that was in 2007) when we were planning a get together with friends at Niagara (Canada side), but not everybody were able to get B1/B2 US visas (I am from the Philippines) so we never explored it. I got my visa from the Philippines though.
  14. Hi

    1. Probably trying to justify your statements when your wrong?
    2. Suggest you read the following http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp
    3. Then http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/apply-how.asp
  15. 1. I am not wrong. And please do check your grammar.. It's YOU'RE WRONG and not YOUR WRONG.
    2. Not everyone knows about the border visa.. However, my uncle was able to inquire at the border the day before I arrived in Seattle.
    3. Because they dont encourage people getting visa at the border so you wont see it in the site..

    Unless you've validated what I have just mentioned and proven me wrong, you shut up and stop acting so high and mighty.. Not because you are a VIP member of this forum does not make you an expert.. so dont question my word.. I am not as ignorant as you...

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