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Discussion in 'International Students' started by happy213, May 6, 2012.

  1. How does it matter if u have paid ur fee by cash/wire/Cred Card ?????? I mean these are 3 diff mean of payment and nothing else, u shudn't imagine things !!!
  2. My search is saying, Pakistani and Indian and bangali students who already have got the visa of other country especially student visa of UK ,Ireland, Gulf (TR) , Australia and etc . Canada is not issuing visa for sure even mostly student who has come back to their home country and applying from homeland they are also getting refusal letter from canadian embassy ... I know the reason but I will not discuses it here..

    My opinion is all student who are student any english country please dont apply for other english country visa ... try to extent your visa or come back and start jobs or etc ...

    C ya!
  4. Sorry i quoted also my Comment.hehe..im just a newbie here in the forum hope to have a friends here. Im one of those people who is hoping for a better career in Canada but wasnt able to make it I got refused also only 4 days ago I got the call from the embassy here in Israel but Im not loosing hope, my employer told me that we will re-apply again and we make a strong application this time but she also ask me to provide bank statement and a property that is in my name im applying for Food Counter Attendant In KFC. I am presently working here in Israel a caregiver for 3 years and 5 months now, before I work here I am a Shift Manager in a fast food chain in the Philippines for 1 year. The visa officer said that they are not satisfied that I would leave Canada after the authorized period of time thats why they refusing my application.

    These reasons are: Personal Situation, Employment History and Long term plans.
  5. Hello,

    I did'nt do IELTS because I have studied in English speaking country for four years so, I got admission without IELTS.

    I paid college fees by Electronic Bank Transfer in full.

    I have done a degree from Ireland (BSc HONS in accounting & Finance) with first class honours which is 3.5 years

    I have never travelled to any of those countriesAfghanistan, Haiti, Iran,Iraq, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Rwanda, Syria, Somalia, Sudan.

    My age is 23.

    These are all facts of my case, If you can figure out the reason of refusal that will be very much helpful for me.

  6. Hi, Thats not correct. I have an Indian and Pakistani friend who applied with me and they got visa. I was a bit unlucky this time but i have good faith that i will get it next time.
  7. Isn't they needed IELTS ? As for sure they needed IELTS from people who applying from UK and got UK degree but not British.

    If you paid fee by bank transfer and shown receipt to CIC and got 15000$ for living expense then funds not issue too.

    Travel history should be fine if from what u told.

    But if they had refuse then there must be some thing which you are overlooking .
  8. Hi Aquib,

    Thank you for your response.
    According to my information IELTS is the requirement of college or University and not CIC so, i got admission in college without IELTS.
    I have submitted the receipt from bank statment of mine with 15000 CAD funds in my a/c for 5-6 months.
    As i mentioned I have traveled to a european country and been to Pakistan as well.

    I dont know what I am missing, If you can figure that out than it will be a great help.

    Many Thanks,
  9. Thank you :)
  10. Hi Sunny, Do you have any family ties in canada? as you mentioned its one of your refusal reason?
  11. what are the reasons behind it?? i am suffering for this so can you please share some information? you can also PM me as well
  12. Hi,

    It does not matter from where you apply for the visa. Change your course to a University level. That's the only thing you need.
  13. jd5 why misleading ppl !! this guy is a Grad and applied for PG Cert course at GBC (highly recognized college) the course is in line with his previous education as well as his Job !!
  14. I can't see anything wrong on his profile, as long as he didn't show his relatives or close once are in Canada

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