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Visa cover letter semple

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by GODLOVEME, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hiiii,

    Can anybody send me visa cover letter semple
  2. What actually you mean? "Visa Cover Letter" ?
  3. Hii,

    As I Got AOR now i have to submit all Document to visa office so If anybody send me the covering letter that can help me.
  4. Well, cover letter is not an essential thing to do, its only when you need to explain any points to visa officer etc. Its simple as you are writing a letter to some one, you can start with Dear Sir/Madam and following your concerns. Hope it helps.
  5. hope this will help


    The Officer
    ur visa office address

    dear sir/madam
    please find herewith my file (ur name). i am australian citizen wishing to immegrate to canada under the FSW catagory.
    i have a bachelor's degree in science and a 2 years diploma in computer education. since 2007 i am working as a computer trainer for ------ company.
    I would like to mention that i m quite good in speaking and writing english.
    in view of all the above factors, i believe i m qualified enough to immigerate to canada as a FSW.
    thank u very much for ur kind attention and i look forward to hearing from u soon.

    Your's trully
    ur name

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