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Thread for applicants of NEW DELHI 2010!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Rachel, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. hai our file was sent to new delhi on june 22nd and now i am in waiting game. anyone else applied in new delhi?

    others who have gone through ND office please share your timelines.
  2. i sent my pp,medical and landing fees on 23/june and now waiting for passport with the stamp
  3. We won our appeal on March 16/10 they started processing us on June 11/10. I hope when he received the kit for medical redo etc, that they also ask for passport. its been a long process
  4. Sponsorship approved on 18th June so i think file move to Delhi same date.

    Now waiting to hear from New Delhi
  5. Receive the kit today for our redos!.. yeahhh!!! :D Gather up info and then more waiting LOL..

    hey Congratulations Bhai!!!!! woohooo!!
  6. we gave our stuff to delhi on march.26th, still waiting no response, get ready for longggggggggggg wait
  7. shikha99, did you go through appeal?
  8. april 7th : they received the application
    may 11th : they sent the sponsorship approval letter
    may 28th : they started processing the PR application
    june 2nd : ppr request
    june 4th : they received my passport
    till now waiting....
  9. wow! thats so fast prasu. so is it spousal sponsorship? are u the sponsorer or the person being sponsored?
  10. you are one of the lucky ones Prsau
  11. my husband in canada is sponsoring me. But it is still taking time ;)
  12. All the best to everyone. Hopefully everyone gets the visa soon.
  13. dont worry you will soon get your PP with visa. good luck.
  14. hai mmv,

    congrats on getting your visa. so new delhi is fast i suppose considering your case. can you please tell me after how many days of sposorship approval you heard from delhi office. my hubby has been approved of sponsorship on june 22 n they have transferred to new delhi. what happens next?

    when will i get the file no? also i am able to use my hubby's client id and login to ECAS which says decision made. now only if i get the file no. i could see the PR processing part(done by delhi), am i right?

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