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Support letter for marriage-urgent

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ssg1212, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I wrote support letter to prove our genuine marriage. DO we have to sign at the end of letter.

    I am sending these documents in 2 days. I will appreciate if someone help me with this.

  2. The letters should be signed.. but it would be better to find someone else (family member, friend) who can also write a letter of support for your marriage.
  3. We signed and dated them at the end. And like sbwv09 said, also provided 10 letters of support from family and friends. 5 on his side, 5 on mine. That's not a requirement for spousal applications, keep in mind, but it certainly can help your case.
  4. We too signed ours, and sent supporting documents from family.
  5. We signed ours and my mom wrote a very nice letter too. Hubby's family isn't close and both his parents are deceased. My only immediate family here is my mom.
  6. thank you all.

    what if my grandfather writes a letter in native language. Can I translate it myself or do I need a translator?
  7. Translating it yourself should be fine since it is not a legal document.
  8. You can do it, but include a letter from you stating the language translated and your name, and swearing that it is a true translation of the original.
  9. any supporting documents that you send non english or french has to be noterized and translated by a certified translator in order to avoid any conflict and its a good idea to sign at the end of the document with the date of the signature.

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