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Supervisa from Bangladesh

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Rossei, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I'm starting this topic for all those Bangladeshis who have already applied for Supervisa for their parents/grandparents or soon will be. Though Supervisa is unique to all Canadian Consulates across the globe, but I personally think that the success rate may vary depending on nationality and the VO especially when Canadian Visa processing has been outsourced to VFS in Bangladesh.

    So, please share your story, things that you find important, difficulties, processing time and all. You can also discuss about Medical Insurance, Invitation Letter, LICO, NOA, T4/T1, Family Ties, Financial Situations etc. here.

  2. Noone still applied from BD? Will I be the first one in March, 2012? Come on, wake up BD !!!
  3. Thank you for starting this topic.
    let us give some time to settle us in CA. then we can think about it. in the meantime if u have info about this keep posting.
  4. You are welcome.

    I can see that you haven't landed here yet. I guess you plan to land in March and I'm going to BD during that time. If you require any info, let me know. Meanwhile, I hope someone from this forum applies for Super Visa from BD and join this thread.

    Here is the CIC link for Super Visa: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/supervisa.asp
  5. I am dealing with lot of people who are applying for the super visa from India, Bandladash, Sri Lanka so I am well versed in dealing with your community.
    Caution do not submitt application without proof of insurance just had a client who was denied and now has to reapply and hire a legal professional to assist him with the application.
    There is nothing wrong with doing your own application but it has to be exact and precise, so you put in some sweat and save a few dollars.

    Call me before submitting the application I am an insurance broker and will get you the required insurance for the super visa.

    Gary Goldshmidt
    Managing Director
    Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc.
    Toronto Tel 416.410.4393
    Email: gary@stone-hedgefinancialgroup.ca
  6. FYI:
    I've just heard from another thread that parent/grandparent is being issued a Super Visa up to the time it allows for a Bangladeshi passport holder to have Canadian TRV (may not be 10 years as it's said in CIC).

    I will wait for other applicants who get super visa to ensure this.
  7. From my understanding, all Canadian visa-VFS do not get involved in any part of the actual processing and final decision making, they merely help you check application completeness, submit the application to visa office, and return the result to you. This can be seen on both Canadian embassy/consulate sites and VFS sites. I do believe the visa processing may vary depending on the visa office location and applicant's nationality, etc, but it's not because of the VFS.
  8. Ideally, VFS isn't/shouldn't be responsible for Visa processing and stamping. But from my experience, it got harder to get a TRV dealing with VFS. Both my wife and mother got rejected twice. I'm not blaming VFS for it; but don't have full faith in them re: how they present the case to Canadian Consulate or they ever reach them. I was really disappointed when my mother was rejected on eve of my convocation. It has been a ritual that parents attend the ceremony with TRV showing the invitation letter from the universities.

    I've another story of my own. Once my single-entry TRV was crossed out accidentally on US border. Seeing that, Canadian border made some remarks online. I had to fly to Bangladesh the following day and hence didn't have time to deal with it. In Bangladesh, when I told VFS to notify VO re: the remarks; they couldn't help me out and told me it may take 15-30 days for processing. I had only a few days left for my return flight. So, I had to contact Canadian High Commission myself and got multiple-entry TRV within 3 days.

    I'm saying this because I think it's much straight forward when you deal with the embassy directly. Things that are on your favour can be sorted out by direct contact with the embassy. But with VFS, you can only hand in papers.
  9. I made an inquiry to VFS-Bangladesh re: Super Visa few days back. This is the email I sent to them:
    And this is the reply I received from them:
    I must have sent a wrong email ;D
  10. I'm really surprised that noone is planning/has already applied for Super Visa for his/her parent/grandparent from Bangladesh. If we could share our cases; it would definitely ease the applications, give us hope and eventually decrease rejections. We could be more aware of the required docs and take initiative in advance.
  11. This is my 500th post and I want to be informative. ;D

    FYI: I'm not an insurance broker, yet thought to share this:


    This site envelopes almost all the insurance plans available for Super Visa in a low-to-high cost order with their respective benefits in a comparison chart. I liked the way it quotes. For all who are looking forward to buying insurance for their parents/grandparents may have a glance here first and then go forward.
  12. Hi Rossie,

    I applied for Super Visa for my Parents in January 18th .

    I submitted : As a sponsor:
    Invitation letter, Employment Letter, Pay stubs, T4, Bank statements

    I did not file my Taxes for 2010 and I did not receive my T4s for 2011 by that time.
    And My parents submitted the application in VFS office in Dhaka.

    CIC send a letter asking for NOA for Last year within 1 month , so I did my 2010 tax file, unfortunately Due to the Tax season for 2011 , previous year tax file were not taken into the Canada revenue database.
    So , I send an application to CIC explaining all of those issues and asked for more time sothat I can file 2011 and get the return and submit to them.

    Now , they VFS called to my parents home last week but unfortunately my parents were travelling. My father tried to call vfs and findout why they called but it was not possible to get them into phone, No answer.

    I cheked the vfs tracking system:
    I found:

    Processed Passport received at DHAKA AC on 20/02/2012. Following documents are required for collection of the Passport:
    Original Invoice cum Receipt
    Passport copy

    No from the above info , I do not know whether the Visa is approved or rejected.

    My father will go tomorrow to vfs office .
    I am worried thinking they rejected the visa only because of not providing NOA.

    Waiting ...I will let you know the result soon.
  13. Is it possible to apply for TRV directly from DHC office instead of VFS ?
  14. Hi

  15. Please, do let me know. I received my T4 (2011) few days back and filed my taxes today. I sincerely hope that I receive my NOA (2011) within 3 weeks as I'll be flying home after that. If you could wait for your 2011-T4 to arrive; they might not have asked for NOA.

    Anyway, I hope your parents got the visa. Could you tell me when your parents received their Medical Request? Was that after they submitted the application or after they asked for your recent NOA? Please, share your complete timeline.

    Keep us informed.

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